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ACDC CBD Hemp Flower For Sale

ACDC CBD hemp flower is a strong hybrid of 50% indica and 50% sativa inclined more heavily towards sativa. Cannatonic strain is the only one parent strain of ACDC hemp strain. It has a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC that makes THC almost non-existent and therefore it is not that much psychoactive as other THC strains are. Also, the CBD dominates over THC so it will not produce any other effects during the entire time and keep you in control throughout the time. The strain of ACDC CBC is also available for sale at

What is the aroma, taste, and colour of ACDC?

The taste of ACDC is a dull mixture of wood, pine, and earth but it is valuable for its effects rather than its flavour. Its effects are strong and dominant and you will feel little bitterness in its taste.

The bud of the ACDC strain is yellow and green and in moss style, surrounding by orange pistils that twistaround the ACDC CBD flower.

The aroma of ACDC is also a woody smell that is as other CBD strains have but yet it is overpowering over others because of its effects.

Benefits of CBD ACDC hemp strain:

  • It induces positive emotions and removes the negative thoughts that cause anxiety or stress
  • It provides a good attention level that is sufficient for a task but does not provide total alertness as other strains produce.
  • It won’t drive you high and you will be in control even at the end of the effect of this strain
  • It soothes mental health
  • It promotes well bring
  • It does not induce sleepiness or drowsiness yet it relaxes you a lot
  • It brings positive energy, good emotions, and a state of calmness

What makes ACDC CBD hemp flower ideal?

The highest concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD) in ACDC strain is ideal for its relief in pain and anxiety. It is often approached for its delivery of relief without producing any psychotropic side effects.

Cannabidiol(CBD) has come to light in a few years and the cultivators are cultivating CBD rich strains like Harlequin, Ghost rider, and Sour tsunami.

ACDC CBD hemp flower is used for a great range like in depression, anxiety, tension, discomfort, stress, insomnia, restlessness, and nervousness.


Cannabis oil from ACDC strain and it’s the juice extracted from its leaves has shown and proved the benefits for people suffering from cancer and tumors and also prevent cancer. Also, people who like cannabis should consider this strain for its benefits. Some people use this oil in ACDC vape pen.

Cure of diseases

Although it cannot be a permanent cure it provides a state of relief in these diseases and provides a healthy state of mind to recover from them, it includes

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Negative effects of chemotherapy

The procedure of cultivation of ACDC hemp flower strain

This procedure is carried out by our skilled workers and we grow the ACDC CBD seeds in organic soil after harvesting they are gently trimmed by our staff so that it won’t affect its trichomes. Then they are packed for 60 days in jars from where they are delivered to you. We protect every contamination to enter in those jars and once they are locked, they won’t open until you open them.

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ACDC CBD Hemp Flower For Sale ACDC CBD hemp flower is a strong hybrid of 50% indica and 50% sativa inclined more heavily towards sativa. Cannatonic strain is the only one parent strain of ACDC

20% ACDC Hemp Strain

  • May 11, 2020
  • Strain Review

ACDC hemp strain relieves without intoxicating and calms nerves without sedation. A powerful CBD sativa dominant hybrid with one solo parent strain. At a high of 20% CBD which will counteract any THC psychoactive effects, ACDC imparts powerful CBD driven outcomes whether a pleasurable evening with friends or pain relief in any number of chronic conditions.

ACDC – In the Beginning

ACDC, typically 50% sativa and 50% indica, leans more heavily towards sativa. The ACDC hemp strain has only one parent, the Cannatonic strain. The particular handpicked cultivator was one that always measured less concentrations of THC and a stable phenotype that represents the qualities when the specimens exude more CBD

Sensing the Sensation

The sensation called ACDC is well received because it does not intoxicate on one hand or sedate on the other, so the individual is still functioning and productive. ACDC starts by relaxing the system and then instilling a sense of calm followed by an uplifted happier mood.

The hemp strain gives rise to a new sense of concentration even though not as razor-sharp as other strains provide. Even though you have a distraction or two, the mental concentration is without clutter enabling you to stay on task. As ACDC hemp smoke closes out, the strain slides into a subtle drowsiness. ACDC is definitely not overpowering leaving you in control.

ACDC Hemp Strain Genetics

ACDC belongs to a rare breed with a 50/50 sativa-indica phenotype and a flowering period of 65 to 72 when grown indoors. An ACDC strain is high CBD content from about 16% to 24% with a THC content of only 0.5-1.2%.

When considering breeding and growing this hemp plant, you must know that it is a challenging strain to cultivate, so not for the beginner. ACDC hemp strain is susceptible to pests and disease as well as mold, spider mites and mildew. Any one of these issues could overrun and destroy a crop.

Color, Taste, Aroma for ACDC

When it comes to the look of this strain, the ACDC mossy-style bud is likely to have yellow and green shades with orange pistils that twist throughout the flower.

ACDC is more known for its effects than any of its savors – taste or smell. It provides a combination of a monotonous taste and flavor of wood, pine and earth.

ACDC Hemp Strain Benefits

The ACDC hemp strain helps many patients treat various ailments such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It has also treated symptoms of pain, anxiety and panic attacks. Thirdly, it has also minimized the negative effects of chemotherapy treatments.

The low THC level, in ACDC renders it without any noticeable psychoactive effect. But then the extremely high CBD level provides one more option for use in medical needs for pain, inflammation, osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions. ACDC hemp strain is one that gives relief for more physical ailments than any other one strain.

The ACDC Strain is preferred because of the CBD dominant to THC ratio. ACDC does not produce a psychoactive high but provides feelings of calm mental clarity.

The ACDC hemp strain is preferred because of the CBD dominant ratio. ACDC creates no type of psychoactive high but rather a feeling of calm focused clarity.