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Our CBD Oil is of high-quality hemp extract, available in easy to use Spray bottles, allowing quick absorption for fast instant relief. We extracted only the finest natural properties from the Whole Hemp Plant.

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Green World is producing accurate finer blends which allow us to monitor it’s high quality constantly. Our philosophy, keep it natural, no need for unnecessary unnatural flavourings, we only use pure CBD natural extract in Organic Olive Oil.

Our CBD extract is from the purest Hemp, grown within an organic farming system, without the use of artificial pesticides, fertiliser or any other harmful toxic agro chemicals. Grown on 20 Hectares of certified Organic farmland based in the beautiful countryside of Valencia, Spain.

Greenworld CBD Oil is non-psychoactive and is tested regularly to make sure it contains no more than 0.2% THC to meet compliance in the UK and EU.

Did you know that Endocannabinoids ie CBD has always existed and is identifiable inside every human body, ie Endocannabinoid system receptors, within our nervous system and Brain.

Cannabis Sativa Hemp Plants do not come under any type of drugs controlled by Illegal or controlled substances Act in UK EU.




CBD Coffee
£ 23.00 inc.VAT

CBD Coffee

CBD Oil 6% (600mg) 10ml
CBD oil
£ 32.40 inc.VAT

CBD Oil 6% (600mg) 10ml

  • 10ml bottle
  • 6% CBD Oil
  • 9.2mg of CBD per Spray
  • 65 sprays per bottle

In easy to use Spray Cap bottles. One jet/spray contains 9.2mg of CBD per Spray (recommended dosage 9.2mg x 3 times daily). The spray cap bottle is convenient and easy to use any time and anywhere orally or topically. Ideal as a topical massage oil, also popular with athlete’s after training.

Canna Hemp Balm 50ml
£ 57.00 inc.VAT

Canna Hemp Balm 50ml

CBD Spray 6% (1800mg) 30ml
CBD oil
£ 73.00 inc.VAT

CBD Spray 6% (1800mg) 30ml

  • 30ml bottle
  • 6% CBD Oil
  • 9.2mg of CBD per Spray
  • 195 sprays per bottle

In easy to use Spray Cap bottles. One jet/spray contains 9.2mg of CBD per Spray (recommended dosage 9.2mg x 3 times daily). The spray cap bottle is convenient and easy to use any time and anywhere orally or topically. Ideal as a topical massage oil, also popular with athlete’s after training.


One of the basics you need to have down before you start a regular intake of CBD is knowing the strength that suits you best. You may have noticed as you shop around that there are little percentages against each CBD product? These indicate the concentration (or strength) of CBD within the products. But if that leaves you none the wiser, let’s go over CBD strength in more detail.

Remember when you buy these CBD oil products, they are mixed with what we call a carrier. Like olive oil or coconut oil, for example. Carriers aid the CBD’s transference to the body. The percentage you will see stamped over these products’ packaging indicates how much cannabidiol makes up those products. They can range from as little as 3% concentration to much stronger products like 20%. As you might have guessed, a product that is 20% CBD is likely to have stronger effects than a 3% CBD product.

If you are new to CBD, a milder concentration always comes recommended – anywhere between 3-5%. The body needs to be introduced to CBD’s effects gradually; as such, a lower percentage product will suit a newcomer. Maybe that will suit your needs fine; if not, you can steadily adjust over time, either increasing your dosage (within reason) of the same concentration of CBD or going for a higher percentage product. Remember to do so gradually! Don’t jump straight to a 20% CBD product after a couple of weeks taking a 4% product, for instance.

Remember, finding the CBD strength and dosage that works for you is a matter of trial and error. And make sure you consult a medical professional if you plan to take it alongside other medication!

What Can CBD Oil Help With?

CBD Oil is a natural remedy that is used for many common ailments, it is often used for the relief of pain and other symptoms, it usually takes anything from 20-40 minutes before the CBD will take effect. Many of our customers take CBD Oil for the following benefits; anxiety relief, anti-seizure, neuroprotective, pain relief, anti-acne and many more, if you’re thinking of taking CBD to get in touch with the team at Green World and see how we can help.

How to Use CBD Oil

CBD is extracted from a plant either an oil or powder. These can be mixed into creams or gels. They can be put into capsules and taken orally or rubbed on your skin. How CBD should be used depends largely on what it’s being used for. It is advisable to talk to your doctor before using CBD oil. CBD can also have some minor side effects which include:

  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Hallucinations
  • Low blood pressure
  • Withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability and insomnia

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If you are based in Brighton and looking for pain relief, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Green World Natural today! We offer a wide range of CBD products to our customers, whether you require, CBD vape oil, natural hemp oil or CBD e liquids, the team at Green World Natural have you covered.
If you find yourself searching for ’CBD Near Me’ then shop online today with Green World Natural and see how our friendly team can help.

For a range of high-quality CBD products in Brighton be sure to shop online with Green World CBD. Offering FREE UK Delivery on orders of £100.

CBD Oil Brighton

Brighton seems to be a budding hotspot for people talking about, and selling CBD! Which is very exciting. CBD oil in Brighton comes in many forms, and there are plenty of companies selling their products. We are here to try and cut through the chaff a little bit and help you identify the best CBD companies in Brighton, and which products may be the best for you. Before you do dive into reading about the CBD oil available in Brighton, it may be worth checking out our best CBD products in the UK ( .

The CBD industry as become a little bit of a mess, and there are thousands of businesses popping up to take advantage of the boom; you can get anything from CBD Capsules, Oils, Pastes, vape oils and more.. These generally are people who buy the cheapest CBD they can buy and sell it as the inflated retail price… if they can makes sales, some of them are making thousands of pounds by selling fake CBD.. or CBD that is substandard. There are really no guidelines for the industry so lots of companies are making ridiculous medical claims and the guidelines that are there are not fit for purpose and restrict compliant companies from saying anything about there products. So for consumers it gets confusing and there is plenty of misinformation out there.

CBD Companies in Brighton UK

There are a number of CBD oil companies in Brighton which we would recommend, the best of which we’re going to list here:

Brighton Botanicals
Hemp Oil Brighton CO
CBD Ethics (these guys sell awesome clothing too)

Our Recommendations

It seems that there are very few companies producing/ selling home branded CBD. A lot of it seems to be cheap CBD purchased from the US, or EU (Hempworx, FX.. you know the stuff). However what we would say is that you’re probably better off ordering online initially for CBD products, as you’ll get a better price (shops can be expensive) and all of these UK companies will ship to Brighton.

There are quite a few that we would recommend for you simply down to their quality, ethics and value for money. These days, the CBD industry is filled with those trying to make a quick buck, you need to be aware of these companies when looking for CBD oil in Brighton. A trusted company elsewhere in the UK may be able to provide you a better product- the only difference being is that it is shipped from elsewhere. Generally though, shipping can still be done for next day deliveries.

Here are a few of our favourite CBD companies that we love:

CBDiablo – affordable, organic and have a few cheeky discount codes too. Oils and Pastes are among or favorite in the UK. Not only does this company provide exceptional CBD products but they also give 20% of their profits to support mental health in the UK. Which is fantastic if you ask us. There aren’t many other companies out there with that kind of ethos.

Loveburgh Raw – These guys have even been featured on the BBC- they create whole plant oils, and MCT super strength oils. Check them out.

HEMP Can Help – Scotland based social enterprise who sell loads of different forms of CBD. Hemp also has a home brand, they select and sell the best CBD oils from Scotland. If you are looking for CBD vape oils, tinctures, balms, pastes, bath bombs or more, do head on over to their website and check them out!

Hopefully you can find these guys online, they all sell CBD in Brighton and have great reputations. Whether you choose a shop local to you, or head on over to our reccomendations we are sure you will find something that suits you!

There are a couple of CBD companes in Brighton, but what CBD products are worth buying? That is why we are here! Let us tell you about CBD oil in Brighton!