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Best Pneumatic Rosin Press for Cannabis 2020 Buyers Guide

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Feb 12, 2020 · 4 min read

Rosin extraction is safe and easy for both home and commercial growers because it doesn’t require any solvents with which to extract cannabinoids, nor does it require extensive safety measures like some other extraction methods do. But for rosin extraction to be most efficient — and produce the highest yield — professionally designed rosin presses are ideal. Today, rosin presses can be found in almost any shape, size, form, and capacity. Here are some of our favorite rosin presses for both commercial and personal use.

NugSmasher Pro Press — Rosin Press

The NugSmasher Pro is a 20-ton pneumatic/manual Rosin Press that comes equipped with some of the best features in the industry. Its outer appearance looks interesting regarding aesthetics, and it has impressive features. You’ll be paying a pretty penny, but, especially in this instance, you’ll be getting exactly what you’re paying for. With an unmatched warranty and good reviews, the NugSmasher Pro looks promising.

One of the most notable features of this unit is its 7″ x 10″ pressing plates. They’re massive in size and can press a large quantity of material during a single pressing session. To suit everyone’s needs, the NugSmasher Pro can be outfitted with any of 3 standard plate configurations. You can also custom order plates to a specific size that would better suit your purposes. This unit also sports a built-in plate pressure gauge as well as custom alignment racks. The NugSmasher Pro comes equipped with two LED screens that are built into a solid steel frame. Furthermore, you can control the digital timer and digital temperature control from the LCD screens.

The Pikes Peak V2 Rosin Press is one of the most durable, innovative, user-friendly presses available today. Updated for 2017, the Pikes Peak Rosin Press comes with all-new touchscreen controls.The fully-enclosed pneumatic system means there is very little risk of contaminants from oils and other debris, and two sets of legs allow for operation both vertically and horizontally helping to accommodate space restrictions. The system features 10” X 2” (or 3”) plates, temperature controls of up to 300 degrees, and fully customized software.

If you are looking for more umph & pressure —
Pure Pressure recently released the Longs Peak Rosin Press. The Longs Peak can press up to 35g of Flower or 70g of Kief/Hash at a time thanks to the 8-tons of force it can put out.

Heat Press Style: Pneumatic and Hydraulic
8″ x 16″ Heat Plates
PSI: 12,000 (12 tons)
Costs: $2,050.00
1 year warranty (no returns)

If you’re looking for an affordable rosin press that gives you great versatility during your pressing sessions, look no further than the Bubble Magic Hydraulic/Pneumatic Rosin Press. You can use this unit either manually or with an air compressor.
First off, this unit comes with two sets of LED screens to control the automatic digital timer and the temperature control. Its 8” x 16” heat plates are massive (definitely when compared with other rosin presses currently in the market) and provide 12 tons of pressing force. No doubt you’ll be able to increase your production capacity several-fold with this unit. The Bubble Magic is indeed a pneumatic/hydraulic hybrid rosin press. However, it does not come with an air compressor. This is a big deal because this unit cannot function as a pneumatic press unless it has an air compressor. This might catch some people off guard so keep this fact in mind. This also explains why the price point is so low for a rosin press of this caliber.


The Eco Farm Pneumatic Auto Rosin Dab Tech Heat Rosin Press Machine is the high quality and high pressure heat press, specifially built for the extraction of rosin, wax and essential oils. It is also ideal for heat applying transfers to such items as t-shirts, jackets, mouse-pads, tile and more. It is heavy duty and equipped with a digital timer. For the high and even pressure area Rosin Heat Press Machine,

Double-sided heating, each heating plate has a separate LCD time thermometer to control the Fahrenheit or Celsius can be switched, the pressure is even

Heat Press Stype: Pneumatic Auto
Temp. Range: 0–250 centigrade (0–482 Fahrenheit).
Time Range: 0–999 seconds.
°F or °C available.
Electrical Options: 110V / 220V per platen global voltage.

Shipping Weight: 40 KG ( 88.2LBS)
Shipping Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 63 CM ( 20.5″ x 13.4″ x 24.8″ )/63*37*77cm
Machine Color: We will send any color in stock, please contact us for special requests.

Rosin extraction is safe and easy for both home and commercial growers because it doesn’t require any solvents with which to extract cannabinoids, nor does it require extensive safety measures like…

Hemp Oil / Medicinal Cannabis Oil

CBD Oil / Full Spectrum CBD Oil

By combining a special screw configuration and special parameters in the PressPilot process control system of the screw press, it is possible with our systems to obtain full spectrum CBD oil in a purely mechanical and biological extraction process. The proprietary process offers you numerous advantages over other chemical processes for CBD oil extraction (such as CO2 extraction):

  • Processing of whole cannabis flowers possible
  • fully automated and continuous process with lowest production costs
  • purely mechanical extraction process without the need for solvents
  • arbitrarily scalable from 20kg / h, without capacity limitation upwards
  • Product parameters (CBD & THC content) can be set specifically
  • Up to 40-fold concentration of the components possible.
  • better medical effect and market acceptance of pure biologically produced full spectrum CBD oil compared to chemically generated CBD isolates

Below is a little insight into the processing process as a video. Please contact us personally for more information

You will find sample configurations and budget prices for solutions for processing unpeeled, partially dehulled and up to 100% dehulled hemp seeds, as well as solutions for the solvent-free automated production of full-spectrum CBD oil –>here.

Hemp Oil / Medicinal Cannabis Oil

The processing of hemp seeds / Medicinal Cannabis seeds is quite simple with all series of Florapower presses.

Due to the optimized configuration of the equipment, we can guarantee an efficient and stable pressing process at highest yields and best product qualities. Full value added from a single source: Through our very own developed process for hemp seeds, additional byproducts can be obtained that can be sold on the marked at maximized earnings.

The variations of the product streams in the process allow a precise adjustment of the oil quality and other end products. The special selection of system components (Universal Oil Presses, Filters, etc.) allows a product in organic quality.

Usually, all intermediate products can be utilized financially so that no unused or cost-causing intermediates or waste is generated in the process.

Our solutions are also scalable and can be easily upgraded and expanded without much effort.

For you, this means a maximum flexibility in production and a quick return on your investment with significantly higher margins. You can plan your budget individually and adapt it to the development on the market. By the way: with this process configuration you can also process thistle and flax seeds.

Call us or send us an Email. We would be pleased to offer you a detailed consultation and present you all possibilities.

Download Hemp / Medicinal Cannabis Seeds Processing in pdf Link below


Hemp oil / Medicinal Cannabis Oil, which is produced by mechanically pressing the hemp seeds, is not to be confused with either hemp essential oil (which is brought about through distilling hemp leaves and blossoms), or with hashish (cannabis) oil (which forms as a resin extract from the resin of the plant). Unlike hemp extract, hemp seeds contain hardly any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and thus cause no intoxication.

Careful harvesting and a mechanical pressing / oil pressing are indispensable for obtaining high quality hemp oil from the hemp seeds. The seed is protected by its tough shell from environmental factors such as oxygen and sunlight. In order to produce oil from the seeds, they must be pressed in an oil mill with the aid of a screw press/ oil press. Most suitable for this is the cold-pressing process/ oil press, since the oil temperature here (with hemp) should be between 40° C and 60° C, so that the hemp oil’s valuable contents are not damaged or reduced through the heat. With an oil content of 30-35%, hemp yields 180 to 350 liters of oil per hectare.

Characteristics and shelf life

The color varies according to the type of production. Cold-pressed hemp oil is greenish yellow, while warm-pressed oil is rather dark green; oil extracted with benzene and carbon disulphide has a brownish yellow tinge, and oil extracted with diethyl ether has an intense yellow color. Hemp oil smells herbal and fragrant, possessing a raw nutty aroma.

The taste varies from nutty to herbal.

The flash point is between 170 and 220° C; the melting point, from approximately -25 to -15°C.

In addition to containing diverse plant substances,such as chlorophyll, carotinoids and vitamins, hemp oil is composed largely of fatty acids (over 80% are unsaturated). Above all, the polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) linoleic acid, α-linoleic acid, and the rare γ-linoleic acid contained in the oil are particularly important for a healthy diet.

Hemp oil stored in a dark bottle in a cool place will have a shelf life of six to nine months.

Pharmaceutical and medical uses

Due to its high percentage of mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, hemp oil is also readily used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It is successfully used, for example, to help treat high cholesterol, allergies, and arteriosclerosis, according to the Lexikon der pflanzlichen Fette und Öle (lexicon of plant fats and oils). Because it contains high amounts of important polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially α-linolenic acid and the rare γ-linolenic acid, it can also be used for dietary purposes, to deliver essential fatty acids to the body during a fat-restricted diet. In addition, it can be used therapeutically, to heal vascular disease for example, since the polyunsaturated fatty acids positively affect the cell membranes and thereby the elasticity of the vessels and the fluidity of the blood. Thus it strengthens the vascular system and prevents harmful plaque. What is more, it can also prevent the formation of blood clots (according to the Lexikon der pflanzlichen Fette und Öle).

Beyond this, the γ-linolenic acid contained in hemp oil, according to the Lexikon der plfanzlichen Fette und Öle, has an important significance in the formation of prostaglandin, an anti-inflammatory, and can also be effective against neurodermatitis, skin diseases, and psoriasis. It also aids in reducing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and various chronic inflammations, as well as in reducing the risk of heart attack.

Further positive characteristics of hemp oil, according to Günter A. Ulmer’s book Heilende Öle (healing oils), are as an antispasmodic in epileptic attacks, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, thus also being able to positively affect the wellbeing of cancer and AIDS patients.

In the cosmetic industry

The high portion of unsaturated fatty acids, most especially linolenic acid and α-linolenic acid, lends it a strong lubricating property, making it very suitable for skin and hair, which is why it is readily used in cosmetic products. It is used particularly in products for rough, irritated or scaly skin, since the special fatty acids contained in the hemp oil stave off dehydration and tearing of the skin, as well as prevent excessive moisture loss. Moreover, this oil constitutes a very good softener for skin and hair, giving it wide application in the development of massage oil, ointments, creams, soaps, and also shampoos.

This oil is also employed in the natural cosmetic industry, since, owing to its pesticide-free cultivation, it contains no toxic residues.

Industrial uses

Hemp oil finds yet another field of application as technical oil in industry. Here it serves as a resource for the production of detergents, due to its high percentage of triacylglycerides. Through various chemical processes (saponification, ethoxylation, and sulfation), different resources such as soaps, emulsifiers, solvents, care nutrients, and surfactants can be produced for the cleaning industry, all having the advantage of being easily biodegradable. Furthermore, its gliding property allows it to serve in the production of printing ink, paints, and varnishes; and it is also employed in the manufacture of wood preservatives, lubricants, and wax crayons.

Particularly in the East it is still used today as lamp oil, because it burns especially brightly and, when combined with essential hemp oil, develops the aroma characteristic of hemp.

In the kitchen

Due to its fatty acid spectrum, which contains all the essential fatty acids important for human health, hemp oil ranks as one of the best and most nutritionally valuable plant oils and readily finds culinary usage. It is used chiefly to prepare salads, dressings, sauces, marinades, and spreads for bread. Its relatively low smoke point of 165° C, however, prevents it from being suitable for grilling or deep-frying, since the fatty acids would otherwise break down at higher temperatures and thereby alter the taste of the oil. In contrast, it is quite safe to use hemp oil for braising and steaming.

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