cat cbd treats

Cat cbd treats

We love our pets and so do you. CBD can be an effective treatment for similar conditions in our pets as it does for us. This includes; seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis , back pain, symptoms of cancer, gastrointestinal issues, etc. For a long time, Miss Envy has had these amazing CBD treats, Bully Bits, that are specially formulated for dogs, as well as a CBD tincture for pets. But now, Miss Envy is introducing CBD cat treats called Kitty Bittys for our special furry felines.

These salmon flavoured CBD treats are formulated with your furry feline in mind. We use only the finest of ingredients because our furry loved ones deserve nothing but the best! These treats are 100% fair trade, organic, gluten, grain, soy-free, with no fillers or artificial flavours and infused with solvent-free CBD and love. Since our CBD is sourced from the hemp plant, this product will not cause any psychoactive effects.

CBD for cats: How to use and dosage

Kitty Bittys CBD cat treats come in a 56 g package and each treat contains approximately 1 mg of CBD. There is no exact accepted dose of CBD for pets. The appropriate dose will vary based on what you are treating as well as the size of your cat. The suggested dose (as marked on the package) is 2-3 treats for cats under five pounds, 4-6 treats for cats between five and ten pounds and 6-8 treats for cats between ten and fifteen pounds. But we recommend speaking to your trusted veterinarian to see how CBD can help your furry feline. Note that as with humans CBD has the potential to interact with existing medication. So, if your pet is currently taking veterinary prescribed mediation, speak to your vet before adding CBD to their wellness routine.

More information about the research surrounding the safe use of CBD for pets will be coming out in our cannabis education section on our website soon.

How do cats feel about Kitty Bittys?

I have a beautiful, but also very angsty, tuxedo cat named Rocket. He was rescued from the SPCA just over a year ago. When he was first adopted he was untrusting, aggressive and had issues with food scarcity. He did not know how to effectively communicate his boundaries which ended with more than a few wounds on our end. Although he has slowly learned to trust me over the last year and has responded well to my training I would still consider him to be a sensitive boy with quite a lot of angst.

These Kitty Bittys are the perfect cat treats to help keep him calm. I imagine they will just what he needs for those extra stressful situations, like the car ride to the vet. At first, he wasn’t so sure what he thought of them (they do smell a little funny) but once he got used to them he was all for it. While I was looking at the package to write this article he came over and gently pawed at the container asking me for a few.

My cat Rocket and myself

CBD Tinctures for pets

If you try these treats and your cat doesn’t take a liking to them CBD tinctures are a great alternative. CBD tinctures can be added to their favourite food or treats and will give them all the healing and calming benefits of CBD. With the tincture, we recommend starting with 1-2 drops and slowly increasing to find the most effective dose for your pet. Though remember because it is hemp-derived CBD they will not experience any psychoactive effects.

CBD is a safe an effective treatment for our pets. Miss Envy is introducing new CBD cat treats specially formulated for your furry felines.

The Best Cat CBD Products of 2020

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Whether we cat parents like it or not, our furry friends often deal with anxiety and stress. This can be made worse when traveling, going to the veterinarian, and through many other circumstances. When our cats can’t adapt to stress it can lead to hyperactivity, nervousness, excessive scratching, abnormal urine marking, and destructiveness. The good news is that there are many ways to help with this, and CBD products can play a big role in helping your cat with their anxiety. Yet like any kind of supplement, there are differences in quality, so choosing the right formula for your cat is key.

We have curated a list of the top CBD products, as well as a few non-CBD options, for cats based on your specific needs so that you can be sure you are giving your cat the best of the best when treating their anxiety and stress.


  • Best Cat CBD Oil:The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil
  • Best Cat CBD Chews:ThunderWunders Calming Cat Chews
  • Best Cat CBD Treats:HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats
  • Best Cat Non-CBD Chew:Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Cat Chews
  • Best Cat Non-CBD Spray:Feliway Travel Calming Cat Spray

Best Cat CBD Oil

Using a CBD oil is a great way to give your cat instant relief from anxiety. You can drop the oil in your cat’s food and they won’t even notice, but you will be sure to notice the power it has on their wellbeing. We chose the Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil as the best CBD oil option on the market. Read below for why we think you’ll love it.

  • Reduces Inflammation. This formula is specifically made to reduce inflammation which is essential for your cat to live a long healthy life with less pain.
  • Formulated by Veterinarians. You can rest easy knowing that this oil was made by the experts.
  • Clean Ingredients. This oil is a completely organic formula, so your cat will only be consuming pure clean ingredients.
  • Full-Spectrum Goodness. This formula uses the whole hemp plant, which allows it to contain some of the highest levels of CBD on the market.

Best Cat CBD Chews

A great way to make sure your feline friend is getting their CBD is with chews. While your cat is chewing, it can help them relax during stressful situations like visiting the veterinarian, or during fireworks. We recommend ThunderWunders Calming Cat Chews as the best CBD chew option.

  • Powerful Nutrients. These chews contain thiamine, L-tryptophan and chamomile which all help to ease tension and stress and increase relaxation and rest.
  • Delicious. Made with a yummy chicken flavor, your cat will be begging for more. They even have a money-back guarantee for those cats who are picky eaters.
  • Relaxing. Approved by veterinarians as a great way to reduce your cat’s anxiety in a safe way.
  • Made in the USA. These chews are formulated and made in the USA, so you know your cat is only getting the highest quality CBD chews.

Sample buyer review“ThunderWunder Cat Chews helped my son’s cats feel calm and at home when they visited with us for a week. We will continue to us them when they visit and when we go visit them.”

Best Cat CBD Treats

We all know that cats love their treats, so why not give them treats that are beneficial to their health? Treats with CBD in them are an amazing way to keep your cat’s taste buds happy while also helping them relieve their anxiety. If you are looking for the perfect CBD treat for your cat, we suggest Holistapet’s CBD Cat Treats.

  • Pure Ingredients. These treats are gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, and grain-free, allowing you to rest easy knowing there are no harmful ingredients.
  • Cats Love Them. Made with a delicious salmon flavor, cats go crazy for these treats.
  • Full-Spectrum. These treats are formulated with the whole plant, so your cat will receive all of the amazing healing benefits.

Sample buyer reviewMy cat goes crazy for these. They are her favorite treat! She actually seems to chew these unlike other treats. She had really stinky breath before and I have noticed it has been getting better- doesn’t smell like mints, but no longer reeks of death!”

Best Cat Non-CBD Treats

Some cat parents want to find chews to help their cats stress and anxiety without using CBD. We found that Pet Naturals of Vermont has a great non-CBD option that has many similar benefits to CBD chews.

  • Natural Benefits. These chews work naturally to help calm your kitty and are not sedatives with harmful side-effects.
  • Clean Ingredients. Formulated without wheat, corn, or artificial ingredients, you can be just as relaxed as your cat knowing there are no harmful additives in these chews.
  • Veterinarian Approved. These chews are formulated by veterinarians, so you know your feline-friend is only getting the best when it comes to a stress-relieving chew.

Sample buyer review“My cat is young and full of energy. She will be 3 in 2 weeks. I found that breaking these calming treats into small pieces before bed helped her calm down for the night, with less running around at night. Just like vitamins/supplements are different for people in the way our body’s react, same goes for animals. I give a thumbs up to these as they work well with my cat.”

Best Cat Non-CBD Spray

If you have a kitten, it’s important to give them treats that are formulated for their unique needs. Kittens need to have smaller treats that are easier to chew, and they also require different nutrients than their older peers. Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Crunchies Natural Grain Free Savory Salmon Treats are perfect treats that are specifically made for the needs of your little one.

  • Real Salmon. Made with real salmon, these treats are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein helping give your kitten sustainable energy and a nutrient boost.
  • Crunchy Texture. These treats are designed to be chewable and to have the perfect texture for your kitten’s growing teeth.
  • Low in Calories. Each treat is under 2 calories, making them a guilt-free way to build love and bond with your kitten.
  • Great for Allergies. When looking at the ingredient list you won’t find any corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors, so even your kitten with a sensitive tummy can still enjoy these delicious treats.

Sample buyer reviewI read a lot about kitten treats and what to give them and these are the only ones I trust until they are one or older! They go crazy for them!!”

Best Treats for Senior Cats

Older cats can have a harder time when they are consuming treats that they enjoyed in their younger years. Most treats are too chewy or crunchy for them, and sometimes the treats aren’t giving the proper nutrients that senior cats could be benefiting from. This is why it is important to find a treat that is formulated specifically for senior cats as your cat begins to age.

  • Easy to eat. Each packet of Delectables Bisque Senior 15+ Tuna & Chicken Lickable Cat Treat is a blended puree that your older cat will have no trouble to lick up, while still enjoying and savoring the goodness of having a treat.
  • Made with Prebiotics. These treats are formulated with prebiotics to help with your senior cat’s digestion and to support their kidneys.
  • Essential Nutrients and Vitamins. Infused with B vitamins, vitamin E, and potassium, you can rest easy knowing your cat is getting the necessary vitamins they need to stay healthy as they continue to age.

Sample buyer reviewA year ago our 18 year mainecoon was wasting away and seemed like she wouldn’t be with us much longer. We tried wet foods and she wasn’t interested. Then we discovered bisque! She is now 19 and doing much better now. We give her two bisque packets a day as well as her regular food. It’s the highlight of her day and she will yell at everyone when she thinks it’s time for bisque. Highly recommended!”

Whatever the specific needs of your cat may be, we hope our list of the best CBD products for cats has helped you narrow down the right options. Rest easy knowing that you’re helping your feline find relief from anxiety and stress. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to your cat’s overall health and wellness.

Finding the best cat treats for your feline family member seems easy, but where do you start? Get our picks for training treats, dental treats, and more!