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This half price Black Friday CBD deal will really help take the edge off 2020 – I scoffed at first, but it has worked for me!

A Black Friday CBD deal could be just the thing to help give your mind and soul some much-needed TLC this year.

Looking for a Black Friday CBD deal to help re-charge your wellbeing this Christmas? Then you’ve come to the right place, as this better than half price offer is one of the best Black Friday deals we have found. Especially as it’s for a great brand with high-quality ingredients.

I must admit, a couple of years ago when the CBD trend first started, I was a little dubious about the whole thing. And then, when my inbox was filled with offers for all the many CBD products to try, I may have even scoffed a bit. I honestly thought it was all a placebo effect and couldn’t really work. It didn’t help, either, that brands can’t yet make health claims on the bottles, despite there being many studies proving how effective CBD can be, especially when you’re stressed.

And then, a few months ago, when the pandemic was rife I tried a sample of CBD oil which had been sitting on my desk for a while. As the first couple of drops hit my tongue, I wondered what would happen next and whether I would suddenly feel any different. Maybe even high! But nothing like that happened. What I did notice, though, was after a few weeks I didn’t feel as stressed. After interviewing many experts on the subject for my job as a Wellbeing Editor, one summed up the experience in just a sentence. And that was “CBD helps you stay balanced”. And that’s exactly what I have experienced – inner calm and balance.

So when I saw this 50% off offer for Jacob Hooy CBD Oil I had to snap up a few bottles. As not only has my mood improved over the last few months of daily usage, but I feel my hormones are much more balanced, too.

Hurry, this offer is only for the Black Friday event and while stocks last.

Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 2.75% 10ml: £19.99 £9.49 (save over 50%) | Holland & Barrett
Save £10.50
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this CBD pick is great for first timers. At 2.75%, all you need is a few drops under your tongue 2-3 times a day. It’s made from Hemp oil and Hemp paste (leaf and flower), so not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding. The bottle is handbag size, so ideal if you are on the go.View Deal

While I’m not a doctor, there are a few things I’ve learnt along the way about CBD. The first is, that if you are worried in any way, to make sure you consult your GP before taking it. This is especially the case if you are taking other medication or have any health issues. It’s also best to start off with a low dosage and gradually build up.

The other main thing I’ve come to know about CBD is that it really works differently for different people. For me, I have noticed a difference in mood, but a close friend has taken the same products for arthritis and really found it to be beneficial.

With the world spinning so fast these days, if you do need extra help then maybe CBD will be the natural cure you need.

A Black Friday CBD deal could be just the thing to help give your mind and soul some much-needed TLC this year.

Black Friday 2020: The CBD Skincare Products To Get For A Steal

Chill vibes for a chill price.

Far from the hippie old school Hemp products, CBD was the standout beauty trend of 2019 and we’re still obsessed in 2020. Whether it’s soothing our irritated skin in CBD-infused face oils, keeping us balanced day to day with CBD drops or easing our aching muscles in a bouji bath soak, we’ve come to rely on CBD skincare and lifestyle products for keeping us chilled in what can be a pretty stressful world.

Which is why we’ve brought you the best discounted CBD products this Black Friday, because what’s more stressful than being elbowed in the ribs for a cut price TV during a pandemic? Exactly.

Read on the for the best Black Friday CBD deals so you can get your chill on for less.

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The Best Black Friday CBD Deals To Shop Now

NOW £207

CBD but make it chic – Apothem’s Day Drops use CBD isolate powder for a tasteless oil that keeps you balanced throughout the day. Shake well before use, then place 5-6 drops under your tongue and breathe for a minute or so. You’ll find the rest of the day seems much easier.

NOW £27

After a year where hand sanitiser suddenly became our most-used item (after Zoom and puzzles), there’s never been a better time to combine the soothing effects of CBD and the bacteria busting ability of no-rinse hand wash. Treat dry, soap-ravaged hands to this gentle, moisturising aloe vera-infused sanitiser that deftly swerves the raw alcohol scent of other anti-bac gels.

WAS £120

Luxe skincare brand Chantecaille’s CBD-infused face and body cream is as luxe as it gets. A combination of calming cannabidiol and techy skin-soothing Eggplant stem cell, this is the ultimate CBD moisturiser.

NOW £34.20

Add a couple of drops of This Works’ Evening Detox CBD Booster to your evening skin serum or moisturiser for an added dose of CBD. The 1% Hemp-derived CBD is blended with a trio of acids to help decongest pores and exfoliate whilst keeping skin seriously soothed and totally balanced.

NOW £36

Cleanse the day away with an added CBD soothing boost with Herb Essntls’ CBD Cleansing Oil. The all natural cleanser is formulated with antibacterial lavender oil and rosehip oil to help unclog pores whilst removing all manner of dirt and make-up.

NOW £87.50

Carry this handbag-friendly bottle of CBD oil with you for on the go anxiety soothing ,or add to your skincare line up at home for a daily dose that alleviates everything from nausea to headaches. Simply place two to three drops under your tongue up to three times a day and let the 25% CBD concentration do its work.

WAS £98

Add a little CBD to your home with OTO’s seriously chic pillow mist. Ideal spritzed before you nod off, this CBD, lavender and chamomile scent gets results with 81 per cent of users reporting an increase in sleep quality after using for two weeks.

NOW £207

Take your bath situation to the next level with Nannette De Gaspe’s seriously luxe CBD bath soak. Swirl through once you’ve run your bath for the most soothing soak ever. Just watch out for the purple colour on your tiles.

NOW £44

Get the cosy winter vibes going with Herb Essntls cannabis-infused candle. With notes of cannabis bud, patchouli, dry amber and bergamot it’s the ultimate soothing evening scent for your at-home lockdown date.

Stock up on your go-to CBD products with the best Black Friday deals and discounts.