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CBD Drip CBD Drip Gold

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A 7ml bottle of CBD Drip Gold containing 14.5+mg of CBD

CBD Drip Gold is the regular strength CBD liquid of The Official Vape Additive line. Every bottle of Gold has a minimum of 14.5mg all natural, non-synthetic and organic CBD sourced from the highest quality European industrial hemp.

This proprietary blend of liquid can be added to any of your favorite e-liquids, or put under your tongue as a sublingual solution.

Taste Profile: N/A
Size: 7ml
Ratio: N/A
Nicotine: 0mg

You will earn: 40 POINTS

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Product Description

  • Regular strength
  • Single 7ml frosted glass bottle with child resistant cap
  • 14.5+mg of CBD
  • All natural and organic European sourced full spectrum hemp oil
  • Proprietary blend of VG/PG engineered specifically to mix with your favorite E-Liquid
  • Full spectrum
  • CBD Enriched Multi Cannabinoid Full Spectrum EU Hemp Oil
  • USP Kosher Glycol
  • USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Terpenoids

CBD Drip Gold is derived from the industrial hemp plant, not to be confused with the marijuana plant.

CBD Drip Gold comes in great packaging and is contained in a thick glass bottle with a frosted white effect. The bottle has a cap with a built in dripper that makes it convenient for getting the right amount of liquid from the bottle. It smells like sweet palm oil and is a bit yellow from the CBD oil.

Unlike popular belief, CBD Drip cannot get you high because CBD is different than THC (Marijuanna). Being a non-psychoactive member of the cannabis family, CBD should not make the user high.

CBD is not to be confused with THC. THC is the key compound in the cannabis plant that carries the intoxicating, mind-altering effects of marijuana.

CBD Drip Gold actually offers natural protection from the effects of THC. As opposed to the mind altering psychoactive effects of THC, such as drowsiness and paranoia, CBD has been known to increase alertness and sensitivity in some strains. It can possibly negate THC effects and provides a relaxing effect that relieves stress and anxiety.

CBD Drip Gold is a known to effect the 5-HT1A receptor which is a minor component in several areas of the body, one of which being the cerebral cortex. Once activated, this portion of your brain has the potential to boost sociability by decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate via your central nervous system. This can result in an increase in comfortability as muscles start to relax. CBD is safe and simply calms you down and makes you feel great as you relax.
One of the biggest observation about the CBD Drip Gold is that it makes bigger clouds with more volume than other products. Be careful with the bottle however, as it is known to shatter easily if dropped.

CBD oil is a great way to relax, and with CBD Drip, it can be used in your vaporizer or combined with your choice of e-liquid.

Lab Test

Lab Test

CBD Drip Gold

Date Submitted: 04-04-2017
Sample Number: 170404R009
Sample Type: Infused, Other
Total Wt/Vol: 7.0000 Milliliters

Moisture Content Test: Not Tested

Potency Test: Tested

Full spectrum cannabinoid profiling and analysis utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC/UV)
Cannabinoid Summary

Total THC – THC + (0.877 * THCa)
0.7 mg

Total CBD – CBD + (0.877 * CBDa)
18.9 mg

Full Cannabinoid Profile

Tetrahydrocannabinol – THC
0.7 mg

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid – THCa
0.0 mg

Cannabidiol – CBD
18.9 mg

Cannabidiolic Acid – CBDa
0.0 mg

Cannabinol – CBN
0.0 mg

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol – Δ8THC
0.0 mg

Cannabichromene – CBC
0.7 mg

Cannabigerol – CBG
0.0 mg

Cannabigerolic Acid – CBGa
0.0 mg

Tetrahydrocannabivarin – THCV
0.0 mg

Cannabidivarin – CBDV
0.0 mg

Cannabidivarin Acid – CBDVa
0.0 mg

Total Active Cannabinoids
20.3 mg

CBD Drip Gold Cannabinoid Ratio
THC 0.7 mg
THCa 0 mg
Δ8THC 0 mg
CBD 18.9 mg
CBDa 0 mg
CBC 0.7 mg
CBG 0 mg
CBGa 0 mg
THCV 0 mg
CBDV 0 mg
CBDVa 0 mg
CBN 0 mg

Terpene Test: Not Tested

Microbiological Test

Screening for Fungal and Bacterial Contamination


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A 7ml bottle of CBD Drip Gold containing 14.5+mg of CBD. Add to your favorite e-liquids, or put under your tongue as a sublingual solution.

CBD Drip

CBD Drip Features

  • Maximum strength CBD vape for anxiety relief
  • Manufactured with gluten free and vegan products
  • Vape oil features in three different strengths
  • Lab tested and quality assured CBD Vape kit

CBD Drip – Best Vape Additive

Potency and concentration of flavours are the major features that attract the users to taste vape liquid. CBD Drip Vape Juice is a favourite of the users because the product is flooded with features that set it apart than the rest in the crowd of CBD products. Moreover, CBD Drip Solution Vape is available in 3 strengths, namely Gold, Platinum, and Onyx. The strength varies and the users can take their pick as per their taste.

The Drip CBD vape is made with organic and safe products. The items are all travel-friendly and thus have become very popular among the users. The CBD Drip Platinum consists of 58mg of CBD in each such bottle. The strength of Platinum products is four times more than the Gold one. Hence, the CBD drip for sale has gathered a good response from the buyers. The Drip CBD oil is high in quality and potency.

The CBD oil solutions are always easy to carry and thus are much preferred by the users. CBD vape additives can enhance the taste of the product.

The solutions should be administered by putting a few drops (as per dosage) under the tongue. This process should be followed to derive maximum pleasure out of the best vape juice.

The vaping CBD oil has ingredients that are natural and non-synthetic. The CBD vape kit product ingredients also mention that the ingredients have been sourced from high-quality hemp in Europe. CBD drip capsules are also available. CBD drip price is affordable and the portals offer additional discounts and offer to the buyers. Cheap vape juice can also be purchased online. CBD vape pen is simple to use. Compare the Features of CBD Drip with other trending CBD Luxe pen and Jolly Green CBD Vape to choose the best one.

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Find the high-quality Vape solutions from CBD Drip Vape Additive. It is made with gluten-free and vegan products that help in treating common health issues.