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Machinery to Make Hemp Seed Oil

ABC Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of oil mill machinery including hemp seed oil machine . Our equipment and services satisfy all of our clients. We design customized business plan for hemp seed oil extraction of both small scale oil mill plant and industrial scale oil processing mill. If you prefer to know more about our oil extraction machines for hemp seed oil production or investing on the setup of complete oil mill projects, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Start Hemp Seed Oil Extraction Business

Hemp Seed Oil Processing Equipment for Sales

Hemp oil is made from hemp seed by using suitable oil extraction technology: oil pressing or solvent extraction and buying suitable hemp oil extraction machine. Hemp oil is processed from properly cleaned and dried seeds of the plant. The oil extraction process involves the use of a screw press machine for oil extraction under a nitrogen atmosphere. The nitrogen functions to protect hemp oil from oxygen. Make hemp seed oil taste by protecting it from light and heat. (Read more: Oilseed Processing Equipment >>)

Mini Hemp Seed Oil Processing Assembly Unit for Small Scale Busines

For hemp seed oil processing, we offer various types of oil extraction machines for different uses. Choosing which hemp seed oil extraction machine should be based on the actual needs, investment cost and other factors. If you are interested in any types of our hemp seed oil processing machines, please just massage us to get the machine parameters and price list!

Screw Hemp Seed Oil Press Machine – Cost-effective & Widely Used

This hemp seed oil press machine is the most widely used hemp seed oil processing equipment due to its cheap price, easy operation and high efficiency. It has been selected for the setup of small scale or medium scale hemp seed oil milling plant. (Similar post: Castor Oil Project Cost >>)

Hydraulic Oil Press for Hemp Seed Oil Extraction – Cold Pressing

Hydraulic oil press machine is designed for cold pressing. So it is a type of cold oil press machine. It has many technical advantages when using it for hemp seed oil extracting, such as high oil output, 100% mechanical pressing, cold pressing, etc. (Related project: 10TPH Sesame Oil Manufacturing Plant Setup in Thailand >>)

Sub-critical Solvent Extraction Machine – Low Temperature & Advanced

Sub-critical low temperature solvent extraction machine is an advanced extraction machinery for hemp seed oil production. Compared to other two types hemp seed oil extraction machines, it requires much more investment. The bigggest advantages of low temperature hemp seed oil extraction is it can retain all the active substance contained in the hemp seed oil.

We are your truastable oil processing machine supplier in China. We design, install complete vegetable seed oil extraction plant and we are committed to offer quality seed oil press, customized turnkey business plan for you! Contact us now through the following form for detailed info and cost for complete assembly unit!

How to Make Hemp Seed Oil?

The first procedure in the production of hemp seed oil involves cleaning the seeds to 99.99% clean. The cleaning process helps in getting rid of leaf matter and possible contamination from other plants. The cleaning process is followed by loading of the seeds to hoppers which empty into a series of hemp seed oil press machine. The oil expeller machine make hemp seed oil by extruding the seeds into long chunks. During the pressing of the seed, the highest temperatures that are maintained is 40 degrees Celsius. The oil is kept at below 20 degrees Celsius in the holding reservoir. (Read more: How to Extract Jojoba Oil?)

Make Hemp Seed Oil for Small Business

The fresh hemp oil is then put through a filtration process in a crude oil filter. The filtration process gets rid of suspended solids from the oil leaving a clear and quality hemp seed oil. After the filtration process, the oil is drained into a storage reservoir that is made of a stainless steel material. Whenever you are interested in our equipment for manufacturing hemp seed oil, please feel free to contact us through [email protected] We are always to provide the best service for you!

Small Hemp Seed Oil Press Machine for Sales

Buy right hemp seed oil processing equipment – factory price oil extraction machinery for hemp seed oil making: buy hemp seed oil extraction machine from oil processing equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of hemp seed oil extraction process and business plan to set up hemp seed oil mill project in Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc., at low cost.

Hemp Seed Oil In the Global Market

More than 26 countries across the globe permit the commercial cultivation of hemp. The major producers of hemp in the global market include, Korea, Romania, Russia, and China.

Top 5 Hemp Producing Countries
Country Hemp Production 2010 Hemp Production 2008
China 44,000 t 41,000 t
(Democratic People’s of)
14,000 t 13,690 t
The Netherlands 6,000 t 2,000 t
Chile 4,385 t 4,385 t
Austria 3,321 t 1,900 t

Hemp seed oil has various health benefits. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil contains 25 percent of protein, 30 percent carbohydrates, and 15 percent of insoluble fiber. The oil is rich in various essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron among others. A limited variety of hemp seed in currently available in the global market. Studies have also shown hemp seed oil to contain high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). PUFAs are made up of omega-6 and omega-3. The omega-3 fatty acid oils have health benefits such as prevention of heart conditions including coronary heart disease. The high levels of PUFAs make hemp seed oil necessary in the reduction of cholesterol concentrations in the body. Studies have also detected other essential chemicals such as campesterol and beta-sitosterol that help in reducing the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body.

Buy right hemp seed oil processing equipment – factory price oil extraction machinery for hemp seed oil making: buy hemp seed oil extraction machine from oil processing equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruct

Have You Ever Heard of Cold Pressed CBD?

Why is cold press the best processing method for hemp products and CBD oil?

The cold press method of extracting CBD oil from hemp is by far the most natural, the most environmentally friendly, and results in a CBD oil that contains more elements of the hemp plant, in the ratios found in nature, for the best Entourage Effect.

Our customers and their results from using HempJuus™ products are the proof. We are not allowed to make any health claims, but here’s a fact we can share. One of our larger customers is a medical pain clinic with 10,000 patients dealing with addictions and other issues. In the past, they sold a CBD product made via the CO2 extraction process. After trying our Cold Press Full Spectrum CBD line, they now use our products exclusively.

We’re willing to put our money where your mouth is… If you’d like to try a free sample of one of our products, we’d welcome the opportunity to share one with you here. Please give us a try, you won’t look back.

What is cold press hemp extraction and how does it compare to the alternatives?

Since our main product line is called HempJuus™ (pronounced “HempJuice”), let’s compare making CBD oil to making orange juice. There are 3 main methods of turning hemp plants into CBD oil: cold press, alcohol extraction and CO2 extraction.

What we do is called “cold press” extraction. That’s very similar to fresh squeezed orange juice. We take the hemp plant, AND NOTHING BUT THE HEMP PLANT, and put it through a small press/juicer. The pure, organic hemp extract that comes out of the press is our end product, HempJuus. Because it contains more elements of the hemp plant, like natural fats, vitamins, oils, nutrients, and phytonutrients, our product looks and tastes different than CBD oil from alcohol or CO2 extraction.

Alcohol extraction is like making orange juice from concentrate. Hemp buds and/or leaves are submerged in alcohol, penetrating the plant cell walls and dissolving the CBD into the alcohol solution. That solution is then run through a still, and at various temperatures, the terpenes, CBD and THC are condensed. The final product is dependent on the quality of the distillation, and amounts of each substance vary from batch to batch. Even worse, the remaining biomass is soaked in alcohol and unusable, so it gets thrown away.

CO2 extraction is also like making orange juice from concentrate. But in this case, the concentrate is made by forcing CO2 in an extremely unnatural “supercritical” state through the hemp. Supercritical CO2 is neither a liquid nor gas, but wants to be both. It flows through the hemp like a gas but dissolves the CBD like a liquid solvent. When the CBD is exploded from the cells it turns into a yellow foam, and no longer resembles anything that grows on planet earth. The oil is then mixed with alcohol during processes called emulsification, filtration and distillation to eliminate the lipids (which seems dumb to us, as CBD absorption rates in the body are higher in the presence of lipids, this literally makes the CBD less effective for use). CO2 extraction is the least natural method of CBD extraction.

To make a final product from either alcohol or CO2 extraction, the manufacturer will take the concentrated CBD oil and add back some kind of “carrier oil.” MCT is often used because it’s very resistant to going rancid. So the actual product you are paying big $$ for is mostly, often 80–90 percent, MCT oil extracted from coconuts, not even from the hemp plant.

Look at the pictures below. Which looks more natural to you? The HempJuus™ liquid and powder fresh from the press, or the CO2 extracted yellow foam?

HempJuus™ fresh Whole Plant Hemp Powder and HempJuus Tincture

The Cold Press method of extracting CBD oil from hemp is by far the most natural, the most environmentally friendly, and results in a CBD oil that contains more elements of the hemp plant, in the ratios found in nature, for the best Entourage Effect.