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Sunburns & CBD Oil: Fighting Inflammation & Repairing the Skin

Sunburns & CBD Oil: Fighting Inflammation & Repairing the Skin

Too much time in the sun can leave unprotected skin vulnerable to scarring, infection, and cancer caused by UV rays.

Researchers have found CBD oil to have possible anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Because of this, CBD oil may be effective in relieving the painful and itchy symptoms of sunburns.

CBD oil has already become a popular addition to topical creams and lotions for its potential to relieve pain. In fact, many people with joint pain and arthritis report success in managing their pain with the CBD oil creams, salves, and gels.

If you’re looking for relief that could be more than skin deep, here’s all you need to know about using CBD oil for sunburns

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Sunburns

The treatment options for people who have sunburns are fairly limited. While many products exist to help prevent sunburns, few are able to actually treat the burn.

Unfortunately, some of these products, like benzocaine, can irritate the skin or cause a potential allergic reaction. With few side effects, and many reported health benefits, CBD oil may be useful in treating pain and inflammation of the skin without the risk of allergic reaction or irritation.

For a double whammy, try looking for a sunburn product that contains cannabidiol (CBD) and aloe vera, which is widely known to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and provide moisture to sunburned skin without the risk of serious side effects.

Effectiveness of Using CBD Oil for Sunburns

To understand how CBD may be effective as a treatment for sunburn, it is helpful to know what a sunburn is.

After prolonged exposure to infrared or ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the skin becomes damaged. As a result of this damage, or burn, inflammatory cells are released in order to heal and repair the skin. As a result, the skin becomes extra-sensitive to touch, and there may be swelling, blistering, and heat radiating from it. CBD oil may be able to help mitigate some of these inflammatory symptoms.

CBD Oil to Fight Infection

After suffering from a sunburn, the skin becomes increasingly susceptible to infection. As the skin blisters and peels, it becomes extremely vulnerable and if infected, could leave you with permanent scarring or markings.

Recent research has shown CBD to have antibacterial and antioxidant properties that could make it useful in combating infection.

During one study, five cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), were shown to be effective in fighting methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). All of the cannabinoids showed “potent activity” against the bacterium, pointing to CBD’s potential for fighting bacterial infection.

CBD Oil for Pain and Inflammation

One of the ways CBD oil may best be able to help with sunburns is through its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

The anti-inflammatory actions of CBD have been well researched and studies indicate that it is very effective at suppressing the immune responses that cause inflammation without suppressing the entire immune system. Because of this, CBD may help reduce the inflammatory swelling and redness of a sunburn while also protecting against possible infections via the mechanisms mentioned above.

Pain can be one of the most difficult things to deal with when experiencing sunburn. Some people with particularly bad sunburns can experience nerve pain. CBD has been shown to potentiate, or increase the effects of, the inhibitory glycine receptors found in the central nervous system. These receptors play a significant role in the experience of nerve pain. By increasing the effectiveness of these receptors, nerve pain can be decreased.

Scientific research into all of the potential uses of CBD oil is ongoing but given its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects, using CBD oil for sunburns may be an effective option for sunburn treatment.

CBD Oil for Skin Repair

CBD oil may be helpful in repairing dry and damaged skin. Many of the compounds found in CBD are also found in health and beauty products formulated for skin repair.

CBD oil contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which are commonly found in anti-aging and anti-scarring skin repair serums.

Vitamin A is a group of vitamins that includes retinol, retinal, and beta-carotene. These substances have been shown to improve skin firmness and help it withstand injury.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant can absorb ultraviolet light, increase photoprotection, and mitigate damage to the skin from free radicals. Damage from the sun’s UV rays causes the production of free radicals and leads to oxidative stress. All of this can lead to DNA damage in your skin cells, and increases the risk for skin cancer. Because CBD contains Vitamin E, it’s a great candidate for protection against free radicals and the potential damage they may cause.

CBD oil also contains essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. These fatty acids play a role in producing and protecting the skin’s natural oil barrier, helping burned skin stay hydrated during recovery.

When all of these compounds work together, they can help protect and repair sunburned skin, while reducing dryness and peeling by helping the skin retain moisture and stimulate oil production.

How to Take CBD Oil for Sunburns

CBD oil comes in a wide range of products and delivery formats, and some will be more effective than others when it comes to soothing sunburns.

For most sunburns, a CBD oil topical will be best. These CBD creams, gels, and salves can be applied directly to the site of the burn, delivering anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits where it is needed most. But, CBD topicals take time to be absorbed, so it may be a while before you feel their effects. However, once the CBD is absorbed, the effects can last for 5 hours or more.

If waiting for relief is too much, you can also use a CBD vape oil, CBD flower, or CBD oil tinctures for faster relief stemming from the inside out.

CBD vapes and flower go to work almost immediately. The effects do not last long (typically an hour at most) but sometimes, with conditions like a sunburn, speed is more important than duration! CBD oil tinctures or drops also work quickly, within 30 minutes, and the results last much longer than vaping, typically 2 to 4 hours.

Sunburns often require multiple treatment efforts and it isn’t any different with CBD oil. You may find a combination of CBD products provides the most relief, or that using CBD oil in conjunction with aloe vera or some other natural soothing agent is best. CBD oil is considered to be relatively safe, so you can experiment without too much concern.

But, before you begin using CBD oil for sunburns, talk to your doctor. CBD oil can interact with some commonly prescribed medications like antidepressants, and you will want to make sure that it is a safe option for you.

Unfortunately, there is no single standard dose of CBD oil for sunburns. It is best to start with the lowest recommended dose listed on your CBD product. If you’re using a CBD lotion, gel, or salve, remember that a little goes a long way, so start off with just enough to cover the area of the burn.

When it comes to other CBD oil products, we at CBD Oil Review have come up with a standard serving suggestion of 25mg of CBD taken twice daily. If your CBD oil product doesn’t come with a dosage recommendation, this amount should give you a good baseline to work with.

For more dosing recommendations, check out our dosage guide or speak with a naturopathic doctor, who can give you the most personalized advice for your condition.

The best treatment for sunburns is preventing them in the first place! But, if you’ve had a little too much fun in the sun—and suffered the consequences—CBD oil may be the right option. The more we learn about CBD oil, the more realize its full potential. While the research is ongoing, it appears at present that CBD oil may be an effective way to reduce the inflammatory and painful symptoms associated with sunburns.

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Can CBD oil help with sunburn?

by Formula Swiss June 04, 2019 4 min read

You might have heard of the cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It has become a favorite of people from all around the world. They use it for so many purposes. CBD oil is becoming a daily need of people. They use it in their nighttime tea, swallow its capsules and use it for many other purposes. They say it is a great way of relieving pain and it also helps in getting a good night’s sleep. Its demand is becoming higher. This is due to so many benefits that the CBD oil has to offer.

Cannabidiol oil is derived from the plants of marijuana. Although it is derived from marijuana, it does not make you high. The flowers and buds of the cannabis or marijuana plant have resin glands on it. CBD oil is usually extracted from these resin glands. Sometimes, it is also extracted from the small buds on hemp. Hemp is a more industrial form of cannabis. Hemp also contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with a concentration of 0.3%. TCH is the chemical that makes people high.

Cannabidiol oil has recently received much acclaim. It has been praised for its wondrous medicinal properties. It has so many benefits that people have started to keep this oil as a staple in their homes. CBD oil is being used for many medicinal purposes. It is said that CBD oil will help to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, strengthen the immune system, and improve sleep. Cannabidiol oil is highly effective to deal with sunburns as well.

CBD oil and sunburns

In the summertime, temperature rises rapidly and the sun shines with all its potential. With the increase in warmth, people prefer to spend time outside. People don’t realize the harm this temperature could cause to their skin. Most people don’t even use a sun screen. They can get sunburns. Most people get sunburns when it is cloudy or not as hot. This is because they don’t wear a sunscreen in that weather.

What is sunburn?

A renowned dermatologist, Joyce Fox, at Cedars Sinai Hospital in California says that sunburn is your skin’s attempt to heal itself. She says “it’s a delayed reaction to ultraviolet or infrared, at an excess if you’ve been in the sun too long. The mechanism of sunburn is a release of inflammatory cells to kind of repair the skin. That’s why there’s increased sensitivity. There’s skin pressure and heat, swelling, and even blistering sometimes”. Sunburns can get really irritating. It can make your skin look red and damaged. It is something that should be checked instantly otherwise it can cause irritation.

CBD oil to the rescue

If you ever get sunburn due to intense heat or harsh weather, we suggest you try CBD oil. Due to the following properties, it might be the best remedy for any kind of burn.

Natural healing process

CBD oil is widely recognized as a great helper for burns. Not only is it used to deal with sunburns, but also first, second, and third-degree burns. The reason why CBD oil is considered the best remedy for sunburns is that it encourages a natural process of healing. It has no harmful chemicals that could cause more damage to your skin. It is completely safe to use CBD oil on your skin. You can easily apply any CBD oil or CBD salves to the burnt area of your body without having to worry about any reactions. It is effective because it naturally reduces the swelling. It also nourishes the skin. The CBD oil also produces new skin cells.

CBD as anti-oxidants

Studies have also shown that CBD can work as antioxidants. This quality of this amazing oil can prove to be extremely beneficial. When you are out in the sun, you are exposing yourself to the free radicals from the sunrays. These free radicals can cause damage to your skin. They can cause immense harm to the collagen present in the skin. This damage will make you look old and wrinkly. The cannabinoid present in CBD will fight these free radicals. It can help reduce the amount of damage done by these free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory properties

CBD oil has been widely recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is being used to overcome nausea, seizures, swollen joints and many other things. It is most common amongst people who suffer from arthritis. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are also very helpful to deal with sunburns. It has the ability to reduce redness in the area. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also reduce the pain and relief stings. The sensitive inflamed skin will be much better with the use of CBD oil. It has a cooling effect that comforts the burnt skin.

No side effects

The use of CBD oil is becoming very common. It is being used by many people from all around the world. People are also using this oil to mend sunburns. The best part is that there have been no reported side effects of this oil. It extremely safe to use on your skin. There are no harsh chemicals in the oil. It will cause no damage to the skin. If anything, it will beautify your skin. It will encourage growth of the new skin cells. CBD has a very little amount of TCH so, it won’t make you high.

Fast healing

The CBD oil has the ability to handle sunburns very quickly. People have reported that it only took the oil a few days to deal with the burn. It also left no scars. Their nourished skin was recovered in no time.

CBD oil can be used as an effective remedy for nasty sunburns. It can help your body to restore the damaged collagen. It is also a great way to relieve pain and sting occurring due to the sunburn. Make sure to store a bottle of CBD oil in your medicine cabinet because sunburns can happen anytime during the summer. It can also be useful for many other purposes.

This article was written by an independent and third-party author specialising in CBD, hemp and cannabis research. Any opinion, advice or recommendation expressed in the article does not reflect the opinion of Formula Swiss AG or any of our employees. We do not make any claims about any of our products and refer to our disclaimer for more information.

You might have heard of the cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays. People use it for so many purposes. CBD oil is becoming a daily need of people. Find out more about this here.