cbd water soluble benefits

4 Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

The very first review we received from the OolaTea CBD product line was from Lisa Bechtol. She said,

“Finally. CBD that is NOT like drinking a mud puddle!! GAME CHANGER.”

We smiled reading this while reflecting back at our early days of exploring the options to get a highly bioavailable form of CBD into our bodies. We wanted to try a CBD tincture. We grabbed the CBD tincture, apprehensively squeezed a drop under our tongue, and instantly made “that face”. I wanted to like it, I knew it was good for me and that a tincture was a good bioavailable form of CBD, but my face said it all. When asked what it tasted like, I responded while still holding ‘that face’, “It’s like I just licked a barn floor”. Not a mud puddle. but close. I could relate to Lisa.

We’re not alone, people have gone to great lengths to disguise the taste of CBD oils and tinctures. If you never have tried CBD, just Google “Does CBD taste bad?” and you will find countless recommendations and hacks to overcome and mask the taste issue. “Have a water in your hand ready to drink”. “eat mints”. “brush your teeth right after”. “mix it with sugar” … the lists go on. No matter what you read, they all sound like things you would do if you licked a barn floor.

But the reality remains, you can mix it and mask it however with you like, but that bad taste still comes through. Think of it like your college roommate. You know the one. She just destroyed your bathroom following an all you can eat burrito brunch, but had the courtesy to use a shot of the air freshener left on the back of the toilet. Nice effort, but you still don’t want to walk in there for a while.

When formulating OolaTea’s CBD tea line and CBD Honey Pearls, not altering the taste was of paramount importance. Like us, those of you who have a favorite tea blend or coffee know that any deviation from the taste profile you have grown to love can ruin the experience.

Thankfully, we overcame the mud puddle and barn floor issue by discovering water-soluble CBD. Water-soluble CBD is made using a process known as nanotechnology. In simple terms, nanotechnology uses sound waves to break down CBD clusters into micro-sized particles. These particles are smaller than 100 nanometers. How small exactly is a nanometer? It’s one-billionth of a meter, which is one-millionth of a millimeter. Broken down into these tiny particles, CBD becomes a product compatible with water as it’s now small enough to blend seamlessly with the water molecules. The big bonus is that the process to make CBD water-soluble creates tasteless and odorless CBD in a highly bioavailable form.

Taste is a big benefit of water-soluble CBD, but here are 3 more:

  1. Efficacy: CBD is an oil in its common form. Our bodies are mostly water. Our Brains are 80% water, cells are 90% water, and our blood is 85% water. Oil and water don’t mix. Seeing as the body is approximately 60% water, it makes sense to have a CBD product that blends well with water, rather than working against it. Water-soluble CBD ensures that your body is absorbing as much of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid as possible. Increased bioavailability means increased absorption. Greater absorption means less CBD is required to get the desired effect.
  2. Affordability: Quality CBD is expensive. Many CBD oil companies recommend daily dosage can cost $700 – $1500+ a month! The reason they recommend so much CBD is because much of that CBD oil is not being absorbed (in some studies, as little as 6%) and is being passed through the body. Water-soluble CBD increases bioavailability which increases absorption, thereby reducing the cost to you.
  3. Precise Dose:Identifying the amount of CBD that is right for you and being able to get a precise and consistent dose can be a challenge. CBD in a water-soluble form allows consumers to have a consistent dose with each use. This is difficult to accurately measure in other forms of CBD.

When choosing CBD, remember that all CBD is not equal. With the laws changing and the demand for CBD high, the CBD world has become hyped up and noisy. Quality matters. Bioavailability and absorption matters. Taste matters. When you see high quantities of CBD and ridiculously low prices in the marketplace, run away. Producing quality CBD that is readily bioavailable to your body is a process that takes time and costs money. Stick with brands you trust. Only go with brands that willingly publish 3rd party lab testing so you know you are getting a quality product in the quantities advertised.

Plus, the big bonus is that the process to make CBD water-soluble creates tasteless and odorless CBD in a highly bioavailable form.

Cbd water soluble benefits

The benefits of water soluble CBD:

How the CBD is taken is a matter of personal preference. Some love the taste of the oil, others prefer the more subtle taste of the water-soluble which can be mixed into food or drink without impacting flavour much or compromise the absorption rate. So if you’re not keen on the taste of oils, take the water soluble.

Our 4% and 6% water soluble CBD has the added extra benefit of increased terpenes, chosen specifically for their anti-inflammatory properties. One of these terpenes, curcumin, is also found in Tumeric!

The benefits of CBD oils:

Using CBD oil, placing drops or spraying beneath the tongue is known as taking the oil sublingually. The advantage to taking the oil in this manner is that it allows the most vital components to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream and to your CB2 receptors without having to pass first through the digestive system.

The other main difference between oils and water solubles is that you can apply CBD Oils to your skin. Yes, they may be very bright in colour, but this does fade. Reasons you may want to run CBD oil your skin varies – you may have a skin condition, have sore bruising, aching muscles or painful joints. So the Oral CBD Oils can act as a 2 in 1!


This can be sprayed directly in the mouth and swallowed immediately or added to drink or food. It depends on what is easier for you. Because of the way the water soluble CBD is absorbed, the effects can be up to 10x more effective than the oil equivalent because your body is able to absorb almost 100% of the cannabinoids into your system. This is because the oil compounds have been reduced using a special technique, so they are small enough for the body to process through ingestion as it would any other food stuff that isn’t an oil.

It’s good for people who don’t like the taste of the oil or those who can’t hold it under their tongue. All of our water soluble CBD contains curcumin and other terpenes that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Everyone is unique and the fact remains that everyone is in a different place and will react differently to their CBD dosage. As dosage of CBD differs for each person, it is best to start small and gradually increase at a comfortable level until you experience the desired result.

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