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Cope CBD Review

  • Cope CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates Cope CBD with three stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission & Innovation Badges.

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Cope CBD: 60-Second Summary

Cope CBD wants you to launch your brand! Your CBD brand, that is. Meet the CBD wholesaler out to eliminate the hassle of starting your own CBD business. Cope CBD exceeds industry standards with their sprawling Colorado hemp farm (the biggest industrial hemp CBD farm in the state) that uses organic practices and their high-tech, clean processing. Want someone to handle product development and labeling? They do that too…

Cope CBD Review

First off, Cope CBD is not a retail brand; they’re a quality wholesaler out of Colorado. The centennial state is where their industrial hemp is grown on their gigantic farm and where it is processed on-site at their cGMP facility.

Cope CBD makes the following wholesale CBD items:

  • ‘Crude oil’ a.k.a. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
  • CBD distillate
  • CBD isolate powder
  • CBD hemp flower seeds in different genetic varietals

It’s all about the genetics — Cope CBD is known to stand out for their unique genetic strains of hemp in their cannabidiol products. Their CBD hemp flower seeds are extremely potent, with our favorite Spectrum (we bet this is their most popular) at a 27:1 CBD to THC ratio! The genetics used in their CBD oil is apparently an original cross between two rare varieties. It has a high CBD content along with other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, aka a truly full-spectrum product.

Interesting tidbit — The hemp plants behind the cannabidiol made by Cope CBD apparently look more like traditional THC cannabis plants. The company prefers these plants to other industrial seed varieties that didn’t give them the same level of consistency. And to be a top CBD wholesaler, consistency is key.

If you want to start your own CBD brand or are looking for a new supplier, Cope CBD can white-label the following CBD products:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD gel capsules
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD vape pens
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD isolate powder

Cope CBD even takes things a step further, with in-house experts to help you with everything from logo design to formulations and packaging. It seems this Colorado wholesaler follows through on their mission to take the hassle out of launching your own CBD brand.

And the fact that they back it up with really quality processes and of course, plants, makes Cope CBD a winner in our book.

They don’t technically qualify for the Safety Badge since only potency tests are available online. However, Cope CBD tests for all the contaminants we require.

Bottom Line – Cope CBD is a great choice of a wholesaler for clean CBD products and a hassle-free experience.

Badges For Cope CBD

Cope CBD is on a mission to remove the hassle and uncertainty in launching a CBD business.

Cope CBD uses organic practices on their sprawling Colorado hemp farm and uses clean extraction methods like alcohol for their CBD oil.

Cope CBD has the largest CBD industrial hemp farm in Colorado and uses advanced distillation technology.

This Cope CBD Review reveals the truth about this company. Not all CBD Oil Companies are equal. Read this before buying Cope CBD products.


Cope CBD is the largest high CBD industrial hemp farm in Colorado.

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