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We ordered the cream and oil pay for shipping only . 4.95 and 4.98. 7/13/20.Today got charged 94.92 without authorization. Call number to speak to a customer service representative, no supervisor available. Called again to dispute charge they said they would give us a 25 percent discount for being human. Reporting to BBB. *****Do not order!

I ordered a sample of both the cream & oil drops.. should have cost less than $30.. They charged me $100. I was gonna chalk it up as m6 mistake let it go. Until today
I received another sample of each that I did NOT order. I’m sure they’ve helped themselves to my account.
DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO CALL THE NUMBER PROVIDED or search the shipping address. Wish me luck I’ve got to stop this.
To be honest, I may not even care if it wasn’t TRASH product also🤦😞

All the above happened to my husband. It was offered online through Costco for $4.95 (shipping charge.) One month later there was a charge on his card for $28.00 from this company for supplements. Do not use this product; they are scam artists, there are so many other CBD products on the market i.e. Montkush (vermont based) Octogon Labs great CBD products.

They took $200.00 out of my account .I had ordered the samples.I went to my bank and they are working on it.

I ordered the sample of the cream only for $19.95. They sent me an email stating they were sending the cream AND the oil and charged me $19.95 each. I immediately contacted them and told them I didn’t want both. They said it had already been sent out. So I told them I would pay for that shipment only and not to send me any more. They assured me they wouldn’t. But then I got another email the next month saying the charge had been made and the shipment was on its way. I immediately contacted my credit card company and had the payment denied. Then I called Natural Green Labs and requested that they do not send me any more of their products and to NEVER charge my credit card again. I also asked that they take me completely out of their system. They assured me they would credit my account and stop all shipments. Then a few days later I got another email saying they had charged my account and the shipment was on its way. I called them again and made the same requests. I have contacted them FIVE TIMES about this. The last time the girl hung up on me. This company is deceitful and should not be in business. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

I experienced the same thing that Marlene did in her reply. Not only did they charge me absurd prices, they indicated that I was also now enrolled in a monthly program that would automatically charge my credit card. 20 minutes later on that call, they agreed and indicated that the “monthly enrollment” was cancelled (we’ll see, haven’t seen an email confirmation of this yet). 20 minutes after that they agreed to a $71 refund, letting me keep the products (I did get an email confirmation on this). I figured that this was best I could do. Neither the pricing, or the “trail membership”, was obvious in the ad I was responding to, with my guess being that it’s very much buried in the fine print under “terms and conditions”. This is not an honorable way to conduct business. Avoid these folks! On a side note, the CBD oil I received and used was not as good as others I’ve purchased at local stores, as it turns out at much lower prices.

Do you have an address for them. They sent me what I thought was just samples because the cream is only 2 oz and oil is only 1 oz. They charged my bank $98 for cream and $98 for the oil. When I emailed them, they said that was the size and since I didn’t return within 14 days that was why I was charged. I have sent several emails. Thanks,

I’ve tried to find anything good or, the price of the little bottles. I found two things. The picture of supposedly Dr. Gilbert, a Research Scientist at Northwestern University on the Shark TV show is nothing like anyone called Dr. Gilbert, let alone a Research Scientist at Northwestern University. Second, once sent to their web site all I found were empty words pushing me to buy now & that the price was going to expire that day. 5/3/2020. But, NEVER stated the price. But, they wanted my name address email and phone, immediately. And, last but, not least an other review said they charged his credit card $98. That slammed the door shut on my end! I had that happened to me on another product – free sample order of which I was billed about $90 and had to threaten legal action if necessary to get a refund. MY SUGGESTION – BEWARE! & wait until you see it at your drug stores OTC shelf.

I ordered a sample bottle of CBD oil for $9.98. I did not check no boxes on the website and after 2 weeks they billed me $98.00. one little bottle of CBD oil is not worth $98.00.

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Natural Green Labs CBD Hemp Oil: Trustworthy Branded Product?

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether CBD can truly make a positive difference towards your health? If so, there are many individuals who have considered it as an alternative to prescription drugs, especially with more studies justifying its usefulness. Natural Green Labs CBD may help the user with psychological, neurological, and physical benefits of their three key body functions, and may also support the nutritional health of aging bodies according to the US government. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates everything from hypertension, inflammation, cognitive function, improving the diet, and provides a natural way to relax.

Bearing this in mind, the purpose of this review is to introduce Natural Green Labs’ approach to CBD’s benefits. According to the claims made, Natural Green Labs’ CBD Hemp Oil has the potential to relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety and stress, lower blood sugar levels and support healthy sleep. Here’s what has been disclosed thus far:

What do we know about Natural Green Labs’ CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD Product Content

Natural Green Labs’ CBD solution is said to contain full spectrum CBD, and no prescription being required from a physician. This implies that the entire plant was utilized, so one can expect the contents to include terpenes, flavonoids, acceptable amounts of THC and many others. For a 30ml bottle, consumers are getting 250mg of CBD.

Doctor-Validated and Therapist Recommended

As per the claims made by Natural Green Labs, the CBD oil has been trusted by experts including Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN Chief Medical Correspondent and therapist, Lilly Lyons a well known Chiropractor & Pain Therapist.


Natural Green Labs’ CBD Hemp Oil is made with all natural ingredients and has been shown to reduce anxiousness in consumers by 98%, increase cognitive performance by 67% and increase the antioxidant presence by 43% with no side effects. Natural Green Labs CBD Oil’s official website states,

“Natural Green Labs CBD Oil includes cannabidiol that is quickly absorbed and delivered through the body, triggering a positive inflammatory and stress response.”

#4. Free Trial Offer / Recurring Autoship Program

The free trial offer includes enrollment in the recurring shipping program. The recurring shipping program will ship you a fresh thirty (30) day supply of the Product two (2) days after you place your trial order and approximately every thirty (30) days thereafter.

To fully cancel the auto ship program, you must contact customer service by phone at 1-855-358-7746 or by email at [email protected] and obtain instructions to return your trial supply at least one (1) business day before the end of the day trial period. The customer service will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization number. The customer must write the RMA number clearly on the outside of your return package and send the return shipment to the following address:

Fulfillment Center
Attn: Natural Green Labs CBD Oil Returns
850 E Lime St. Suite 2001, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

Natural Green Labs CBD Hemp Oil Final Thoughts

With the lack of regulation on CBD goods, companies normally do their best to be as informative as possible. Based on the analysis above, the lack of transparency makes Natural Green Labs and its respective CBD Hemp Oil questionable.

For starters, no evidence of testing or quality-control has been provided (i.e. Certificate of Analysis). Second, the source of hemp and extraction processed used remains unnamed. While Dr. Gupta is supportive of CBD uses, the way that the CBD Hemp Oil has been advertised makes it seem as if he is recommending it, which is deceptive. Next, a number of statistics have been provided with no evidence to back them up. Lastly, it is unclear as to how long the trial period is. Normally, such trials are in place for 14 days, however, the Terms and Conditions indicate otherwise. With the official website stating;

“The efficacy and safety of Natural Green Labs CBD Oil have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Consult your physician before starting any diet, exercise program, and taking any diet pill to avoid any health issues.”

Leaves some doubts for consumers as to the product testing done by an independent lab.

On that note, consumers are advised to contact customer service at 1 (855) 358-7746 to clarify any existing doubts prior to making a purchase.

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Have you ever stopped to wonder whether CBD can truly make a positive difference towards your health? If so, there are many individuals who have considered it as an alternative to prescription drugs, especially with more studies justifying its usefulness. Natural Green Labs CBD may help the user with psychological, neurological, and physical benefits of […]