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Creating a Natural Way of Living With CBD

In the early 1800s, there was an artistic and intellectual movement called Romanticism. In the face of an increasingly industrialized world, artists, writers, and everyday people turned to the beauty of nature and all that it had to offer for solace and refuge.

Today, many people are embracing similar values. Whether it’s in response to the explosion of technology we’ve experienced, our greater understanding of medicine and side-effects, or just an interest in taking better care of ourselves, the appeal of natural living is undeniable. CBD , in particular, has become one of the most prominent parts of the natural living movement. Join Axis Labs as we take a look at this lifestyle trend.

What is Natural Living?

In an age of marketing hype, it’s hard to distinguish “natural” from nature. So what does it mean to lead a natural life?

Basically, living naturally is finding ways of living that have a minimal impact on the earth, your community, and yourself. There’s a lot of flexibility in natural living, but it does require a measure of awareness on your part. For instance, leading a natural life means avoiding many chemicals, additives, and preservatives, including those found in some foods and drinks. It does not, however, mean you have to give up everything that makes up modern life. Instead, it asks you to be more mindful of what you use, how you use it, and what it’s made from.

For instance, you don’t need to sell your home, move into a tiny-home, use solar panels for power, and raise your own chickens and goats for food. Living naturally means finding ways to lessen your impact. So rather than shopping at a chain store, you might visit a local farmers market for your produce. Rather than purchase fast-fashion clothing items, buy second-hand outfits or make purchases from ethical manufacturers. For some, natural living means eschewing treatment options like NSAID pain relievers or anti-anxiety medications and utilizing natural alternatives like diet, exercise, and hemp-based supplements.

What Could CBD Offer You?

It’s not a stretch to say that cannabis products have been a part of the natural living movement for a long time. Originally, the two were linked through substances like marijuana, but as more and more states legalized one cannabis plant, support grew for other cannabis plants. With the passage of the Farm Bills in 2014 and 2018, hemp experienced a renaissance that few other plants can claim to enjoy.

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants we know of. Hundreds of products can be made from hemp, not just the oils, topicals, and capsules that many assume. Hemp fibers can be woven into clothing, used to make building materials, and can even be pressed into a bioplastic that’s durable and kind to the environment. With careful effort, you could make hemp a part of nearly every aspect of your life, from what you eat and drink, to what you wear, and even how you enhance your health and wellness.

At Axis Labs, we’ve made good use of hemp and its incredible cannabis compounds. We’ve created a family of products that make use of Cannabidiol, or CBD. When used intentionally, CBD has so much to offer you .

Food, Meals, and Diet

Perhaps one of the biggest parts of a natural lifestyle is the choice of diet. Natural living emphasizes, naturally, lots of fruits and vegetables that are responsibly raised without the use of GMOs and pesticides.

On its own, hemp has been a part of human and animal diets for millennia. Many argue it was one of the first plants to be actively cultivated by early agricultural societies, and the plant has been a vital part of many cultures and foodways since.

Today, you can add hemp seeds and hemp oil to your food. You can also enjoy many of the foods that now feature CBD. CBD edibles , like gummies , are a popular option for a fun treat, but others choose to use CBD as an ingredient in their smoothies , or other meals. It’s fairly simple to add CBD to your meal and make it part of your diet .

There’s growing evidence to suggest that CBD could be an effective part of your diet and weight loss plans as well. CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system. Researchers believe that the CB1 receptor plays a role in appetite and feelings of hunger. CBD may play a role in suppressing these feelings , keeping you from overeating. CBD also interacts with the CB2 receptor , which is found in lymphoid tissues and the brain. By stimulating the CB2 receptors, CBD may be able to increase your metabolism, helping you to more effectively use the nutrients you get from food and lose weight in the process.

Exercise, Recovery, and Pain Relief

Regular exercise and working out is an essential part of a natural lifestyle, and CBD could help you get more of it. Many praise the reported anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, and the compound has found favor amongst fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes alike.

When you use a CBD product, it interacts with a variety of receptors throughout your ECS that help your body react to and manage pain. For instance, your GPR55 receptor reacts to pain, while your TRPV1 receptors help your body control pain sensitivity. When introduced to your ECS, a compound like CBD could help your body limit the responses these receptors produce. That helps you feel pain-free before and after your workout .

Perhaps one of the reasons that CBD is so effective in managing sensations of pain is because it’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids . Your body utilizes both of these essential fatty acids in order to repair and restore aching muscles, damaged tissues, and sore joints.

Rather than relying on over-the-counter or prescription pain medications, CBD offers a fast-acting, and side-effect-free means of managing your pain. Devoid of chemicals and additives, you can’t OD on CBD, and you cannot become addicted, making it an obvious choice for those looking to manage pain naturally.

Finding a Focus

Part of a natural lifestyle is an elevated sense of awareness. Of course, more than just being aware of how you’re interacting with the world around you, you also need to be more aware of yourself as well. One of the most popular uses for CBD is as a way to create a more centered sense of being and to quell racing thoughts.

One of the biggest fields of study in CBD research is its use as an anti-anxiety treatment option. Many assume that other cannabis compounds, like THC, would be a more effective treatment for anxiety than CBD. However, the psychoactive properties of THC actually exacerbate symptoms of anxiety in some people. CBD, on the other hand, helps your body limit its “fight or flight” responses when it feels anxious. In a study from 2010, researchers found that CBD could play a role in helping people limit their anxious feelings while in social settings.

Similarly, the use of CBD by those with general anxiety was studied in 2011 , and the research team found that CBD may help our brains process our emotions more clearly, keeping us from feeling anxious. Patients who used CBD in the study reported lower levels of subjective anxiety than those who used placebos in the study.


Of course, part of enjoying a state of emotional and mental clarity is getting enough rest. Whether they live a natural lifestyle or not, nearly 40 million Americans struggle with sleep issues of some kind. In particular, insomnia plagues millions every year . While CBD hasn’t been shown to directly cure any issues of insomnia, it could play a role in preparing your body for better sleep. The anxiolytic effects outlined above help your brain wind down in the evenings, preparing you for sleep.

One study from 2013 suggested that CBD could be used to help correct sleep-wake cycles . The study found that the use of CBD encouraged the subjects to go to sleep more readily at night. Not only that, the study found that the subjects slept more after taking a dose of CBD.

Add CBD to Your Natural Lifestyle Today

It’s easy to make CBD a part of your more natural way of living. Check it out!

Talk to your doctor

Leading a more natural lifestyle is a constantly evolving journey. No one does it perfectly, and everyone has to start somewhere. Over time, you can make positive changes that are more conducive to a natural lifestyle. Part of that is working with your doctor to determine if your current medications may have a negative interaction with CBD . While CBD can be an effective part of your new, healthier lifestyle, it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for any drugs you need to maintain your quality of life.

Talking to your doctor about CBD is easier than ever now that more and more people are using it for a variety of reasons. The fact is, CBD is more popular than ever, and most doctors have at least a passing familiarity with products like ours. That means they’ll have a sense of how you can use CBD to enhance your health, and how to create a treatment plan that slowly replaces your prescription medications with a CBD supplement.

Choose the right products

Of course, just like your natural lifestyle makes you aware of which places you shop, which foods you wear, and which clothing you wear, you’ll also need to be aware of which CBD products are right for you.

The fact is, a huge quantity of CBD products are mislabeled or under-labeled . This means that some manufacturers produce “CBD products” that may contain other substances, or trace elements of solvents, alcohols, and compounds like THC that you don’t want in your body. That’s why it’s important you purchase CBD products that share the same natural values that you do.

Here at Axis Labs, we follow rigorous quality and purity standards that start with our organically grown, Colorado-raised hemp. From there, we use an innovative cold extraction method that results in a CBD extract that’s free of THC and any extras. We then send each batch of CBD extract to our third-party lab partner to test the extract for purity and potency. Not every CBD company has the same level of attention-to-detail and commitment to quality that we do, but we know that it results in a better product and experience for you.

Natural living is easy when you use premium CBD products from Axis Labs. Find out more then order your high-end CBD products today!

Natural Life Franchise Corp. CBD Retail Store Currently Operates Corporate Stores in Tallahassee, Tampa and Jacksonville; Expanding to a Franchise Business Model

Natural Life Franchise Corp. ― currently with four corporate-owned locations in Tallahassee, Tampa and Jacksonville ― is expanding to a franchise business model. It is the first chain of retail stores that specializes in both cannabidiol (CBD) products, as well as other holistic plants including kava, kratom, turmeric, akuamma, ginseng, ashwagandha and more. Owner Gabriel Suarez founded Natural Life with the goal of helping those in the community find alternatives to their ailments.

By early 2020 the company anticipates to have seven locations: a second location in downtown Tampa, a second location in Atlantic Beach (Jacksonville northeast), and a third in east Tallahassee. Two of these seven locations are expected to be franchises.

Throughout its stores, Natural Life offers more than 1100+ products and over 20 brands. Quality and safety are at the forefront, and the company ensures that these brands are compliant with all upcoming 2020 regulations. In addition, Natural Life does its own third-party lab testing, regardless if the manufacturer provides its own test results.

Staff at Natural Life are certified by the esteemed CBD Training Academy, an educational resource offering classes in CBD. Managers are required to take a CBD Coach Course through the Academy, so they can teach others about CBD. The sales team is also trained on how to properly sell CBD, and help customers find the right product based on their needs.

“Consumers are looking for a shopping experience that they can trust and that is safe,” said Suarez. “At Natural Life Franchise Corp., we set ourselves apart with our commitment to quality products that undergo third-party lab testing on a regular basis. Our employees all receive training on CBD and pass along this education through assisting our customers.”

Furthermore, all products carry liability insurance, which is unique in the CBD industry given that very few companies in the U.S. even provide this policy. This point of differentiation has earned Natural Life the credibility and trust that consumers are seeking. Market research has shown that 25% of CBD users become regular customers and that consumer education is an important factor when making purchasing decisions.

Natural Life Franchise Corp. is one of the three founding members of The Florida Hemp Council, a nonprofit that works to advance the Florida Hemp industry through education, resources and industry oversight.

As a result of its rapid growth, Natural Life Franchise Corp. is embarking on a franchise business model as the company continues to expand in the dynamic space of wellness products, including cannabis (hemp derived), kratom and kava. The company also dedicates a large portion of its stores and e-commerce site to a broad range of all-natural alternatives. Expansion plans include multiple markets in the state of Florida, the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and the West Coast, including California.

Natural Life Franchise Corp. will be participating in the Franchise Expo South show on Feb. 20–22 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, where it hopes to attract business-savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about the hemp and natural supplement industries. The company has plans to participate in other franchise expos across the country in 2020.

About Natural Life Franchise Corp.: Natural Life is the first chain of retail stores that specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) products, as well as other holistic plants such as kava, kratom, akuamma, and more. It was founded in Tallahassee, Florida by Florida State University graduate Gabriel Suarez who wanted to help members of the community find wellness alternatives. There are stores are currently open in the Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Tampa markets. Natural Life is one of the three founding members of The Florida Hemp Council, a nonprofit that works collectively to advance the Florida Hemp industry. For more information, visit, call (850) 900-5182 or email [email protected]

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. The full notice regarding franchise offers and sales can be found here.
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Natural Life Franchise Corp. CBD Retail Store Currently Operates Corporate Stores in Tallahassee, Tampa and Jacksonville; Expanding to a Franchise Business Model Natural Life Franchise Corp. ―