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Secret Nature CBD Review

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Secret Nature CBD: Quick Summary

  • Organic, artisan-crafted CBD products made from hemp flower.
  • True full-spectrum CBD (extract from hemp flower).
  • Tinctures include terpenes, flavonoids, and other hemp phytochemicals.
  • Top-rated customer service.
  • The entire product range is third-party tested.
  • Limited milligram selection of tinctures.
  • A bit expensive.

Secret Nature CBD Review

Secret Nature CBD is a premier CBD company that combines the best cannabis plant strains with high-grade cannabinoids and terpenes. They infuse their CBD tinctures with top-shelf essential oils, natural flavorings, and other beneficial phytochemical ingredients.

They also feature a wide selection of smokable hemp flowers, pre-rolled CBD hemp, and full-spectrum CBD vape pens. This diverse range allows consumers to find what works for their unique lifestyle needs.

Secret Nature CBD even sells CBD-themed apparel, CBD bundles, and a long-lasting battery and charger for use with the CBD vape cartridges.

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What Secret Nature Products Did We Review?

Have a look around the Secret Nature CBD website, and you’ll see that they offer quite a lot of unique products. One of our favorite things about the brand is that they offer real, authentic smokable hemp flower. While CBD oils continue to be one of the most popular forms of CBD consumption, many argue that inhalation is still the best delivery method.

When you inhale combusted cannabis flower (in this case, hemp flower), the plant’s phytocompounds are being delivered immediately to a massive network of blood vessels in the lung tissue. This means that the CBD and other compounds are not only faster-acting in terms of effects, but more of the compound is probably making it to the body’s cells as opposed to CBD that is exposed to metabolic processes in the digestive system.

Secret Nature CBD: Taking a Look at Their Product Line

Secret Nature CBD flower is top-notch, but along with this item, they offer a host of equally-great hemp extract products. They provide an array of pre-rolled CBD hemp flowers, as well as a selection of vape pens, vape devices, and CBD tinctures.

CBD fans worried about finding premium goods can also browse the company’s lab results. They offer trustworthy tests from an independent lab, and their results showcase terpene levels as well as the absence of any solvents, molds, and fungus. This gives users additional peace of mind and the reassurance they are using a superior product.

Secret Nature Hemp CBD Flower

Secret Nature CBD currently offers twelve strains of CBD-rich hemp flower. They have several types, including indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. This vast array includes flavor profiles from sweet and citrusy to earthy and even mildly bitter.

Each flavor comes in a sealed tin for freshness, and Secret Nature CBD consistently updates their website with new and exciting flavors – so be sure to check the site often to see what strains they’ve currently got available.

Secret Nature CBD Tincture

While they don’t have a wide selection of CBD tinctures, what they do offer is impressive. Their CBD tincture is full-spectrum. It not only contains high-grade CBD extract but a host of other excellent materials, including hemp seed oil, terpenes, black seed oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Many of these ingredients may produce substantial effects. For example, black seed oil is a superfood with lots of ways it benefits the body. While some may not enjoy the price, this tincture is of exceptional quality.

Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower

Secret Nature CBD’s pre-rolled flowers strike a balance: it’s perfect for those that like to smoke and seek convenience. Users won’t have to waste time rolling their flower or trying to find papers and other accessories.

Each CBD-rich roll contains a burst of other cannabinoids, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and terpenes. They also offer sativa, indica and hybrid blends. For anyone looking for something more top shelf, there are the special rolls, including the Fuji Blunt, Cherry Cough Cigar, Cobbler Cigar, and Frosted Kush Blunt. These varieties sell for a modest price of only $20.

Secret Nature CBD Vape

For those that prefer vaping, Secret Nature CBD has a diverse variety of options. Their vaping choices include a host of vape pens and cartridges for sale. There are a plethora of flavors, and the categories include indica, sativa, and hybrid.

There are no artificial flavorings and additives, and there is also a choice of distillates and THCV.

Secret Nature Cannabinoid Extracts

Secret Nature CBD features a live resin budder. This resin contains cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBDV, and THCA. It is lab tested and contains a whopping 806mg of total cannabinoids. It contains 786mg of CBD. Anyone can use this resin to vape, dab, and even add to the CBD flower when smoking.

Miscellaneous Products

They also sell batteries and charges for vape cartridges. The battery and charger set fits most 700mg and 1200mg cartridges. They also offer printed, short-sleeved t-shirts in sizes XS through XXL.

What Else Should I Know About Secret Nature CBD?

  • All products come from American grown hemp and materials.
  • Many of their products have less than .03% THC.
  • Secret Nature CBD ships internationally.
  • They also ship to many areas in the United States.
  • They offer returns within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Secret Nature CBD Review: Coupon Code + Where to Buy

In all, we loved the products that Secret Nature CBD has to offer. They put thought into their products, and it shows. Each category exceeded our expectations. However, our sole criticism is that we hope they will one day expand their CBD tincture line.

They have an extensive collection of CBD flower, and for many people that like to smoke, this is an excellent option. CBD enthusiasts may enjoy their array of tasty flavors as well as their vaping options.

We also had questions and contacted their customer service team. We loved how quickly they got back to us. They seem dedicated to their mission, and consumers can purchase products right on their site at

Official Site:
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Final Verdict – 9/10

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We put the Secret Nature CBD brand to the test. Find out how their product range fared during our in-depth review process.

CBD Vape Cartridges – Secret Nature


W hen it comes to CBD companies these days, the sheer abundance of brands and products can be overwhelming. Many white-label brands are quick to slap a logo on and get to selling, especially in the deluge of products that followed the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Secret Nature prides itself on being something different from the pack, and has some intriguing practices to back it up (we are always excited to see a grow that uses living soil). The brand heralds itself as “artisan CBD,” so we put Secret Nature’s line of CBD vape cartridges to the test to find out just what that might mean.


The black and gold color packaging is tasteful and well designed. For such a stylish container it also has substance, and communicates all of the vital information that real hemp connoisseurs are looking for: a total cannabinoid breakdown with clearly denoted batch and testing results. The glass-and-metal cartridge has a refined look and feel, and the cylindrical form factor is a pleasing departure from standard vape tips. The look is completed by beautifully golden live resin, with no nucleation or discoloration to be found. Perhaps the only plain part is that inside the box, the vape itself sits inside a pretty standard plastic pouch, but it didn’t detract from the overall design.


Right upon opening the packaging, you’re greeted with a wave of aroma. Each cartridge is strain-specific, with only cannabis-derived terpenes (which the team greatly appreciated). In general, we don’t expect to smell much with a CBD cartridge, so this was a very pleasant surprise. When puffed, there is a brief noticeable cannabis terpene smell, so those accustomed to more fruit-derived and synthetic terpenes may want to be aware. However, it’s not overpowering, nor does it linger on exhale; it’s quite a nice balance.


The vapes have a tasty, silky flavor. Even when taking the biggest rip possible off a standard CCell battery, the hit was smooth, flavorful and caused no coughing. The terpenes are clearly defined and crisp without being overwhelming. The White Fire OG has that classic OG taste, the Lemon Diesel has its signature citrus zing. Most importantly, there is none of the astringent “vape-y” taste that permeates the lower end of the cartridge market. There’s a wisp of fruity sweetness on the very end that is indicative of almost all CBD products, however it never came close to the full cherry-cough-syrup taste that dabbing CBD isolate can have.


Here is where the pens really shined. We try a good amount of CBD products here on the PotGuide team, and this has been one of the most effective we’ve seen. One reviewer reported significant help with back pain, another with anxiety and nausea, and yet another praised it for help sleeping. All of the reviewers reported pronounced relaxation, with a clear, focused mental state. The team received a hybrid (Gelato), Sativa (Lemon Diesel), and an Indica (White Fire OG), and each fell pretty well within its type. It was clear that the diverse cannabinoid profile and cannabis-derived terpenes allowed for a true entourage effect. On this part, all we can say is, kudos.


Secret Nature’s CBD vapes are some of the best we’ve found. Even heavy THC cartridge consumers on the team were impressed, and greatly enjoyed the vape either as a complement to THC or solo (also a sentiment shared by the entire review squad). The pronounced effect, coupled with a high quality look and superior flavor has been among the best offerings we’ve seen in the CBD vape category. At $40 for a 700mg cart, we’d say the value is definitely there. The fact that they’re living soil, organic, pesticide free and vegan is just icing on the cake. The “artisan” moniker is well earned.

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