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How Feminine Balance (our CBD oil) has helped women get relief from various forms of pain!

“I have been having knee pain for several months , and after about a week of taking this, I noticed the pain was gone. I ran out of it two days ago, and my knee pain is back. Waiting for my new order to arrive today!” – Mollie B.

“I purchased CBD oil with the hopes that it would help with the sciatica pain I’ve endured for several years. I even mentioned to my Dr. who prescribed steroids to help. I had ordered the CBD oil, so I decided to try it before the steroids. It’s been over a month on CBD oil (I ran out of yours and purchased another brand) and I have absolutely no sciatica pain whatsoever. Your brand is much more palatable and I’m ordering more today! Thank you for a brand name I know I can trust!” – Denise B.

“Cerebral Palsy Benefits. Just 1 dose and I feel like a whole different person.
My pain level has significantly decreased and it stopped my ‘Dyskinetic’ Twitch Spasms that effects my head. I have never experienced this level of relief with my Cerebral Palsy without Prescription Medication for muscle relaxers.
I cannot believe I feel such relief from the first dose!” – Lianna S.

How Feminine Balance (our CBD oil) has helped women get relief from various forms of pain! "I have been having knee pain for several months , and after…

I Tried CBD Oil for Six Weeks – this is what happened…

In my quest to find health again this year, one acronym kept on coming up, over and over. CBD. It was mentioned constantly in my Facebook health groups, it came up in my YouTube feed, it came up everywhere. I didn’t know what it was, but I was pretty sure it was marijuana. And, honestly, it made me uncomfortable.

Fast forward several months and one of my best friends mentioned that they had been using CBD. I was a little shocked.

“Isn’t that marijuana?” I asked. (Thankfully, she is a very good friend and knew I would love her no matter how she replied.) She is certainly a natural health lover like me, but marijuana was going even further than I thought she would go.

But, no. She educated me that the CBD oil they were using was from industrial hemp, non-psychoactive, and completely legal in the United States. The same hemp that the hemp seeds I buy come from. The same hemp they use to make rope, clothing, paper, hemp oil, soap, and plastic.

I was intrigued and wanted to know more, so of course, I went home and Googled it. And Googled it more. And watched YouTube videos on it. I read countless articles and scientific research on how CBD works and what it does in our bodies working with our own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which I had never heard of before despite my numerous science degrees.

So, before I jump into what I’ve noticed in my first 6 weeks of using Hempworx CBD oil, I want to give you a little science lesson.

What is Cannabidoil (CBD)

Hemp vs marijuana

My first impression that CBD (or cannabidoil) was from marijuana was not totally off. Cannabidoil can be found in both the marijuana plant and the hemp plant. In fact, marijuana and hemp are technically the same species (Cannabis sativa L) but they are completely different varieties with vastly different properties (and legalities). CBD oil can be found in small amounts in the marijuana plant, but it is found in large quantities in hemp. THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound that makes people high), is bred to be very high in marijuana (about 20%), but is naturally very low in hemp (less than 0.3%).

Industrial hemp is completely legal in the United States thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill. According to the Farm Bill, “The term “industrial hemp” indicates the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” Therefore, any product coming from industrial hemp will automatically have very, very low amounts of THC. This is why CBD oil from industrial hemp is completely legal in the United States and why it has the health benefits of the plant without the high.

This made me feel much more comfortable about trying CBD oil. I live in California where medical marijuana and THC are legal, but I am NOT comfortable with using medical marijuana because of the high associated with it. I’m way too conservative for that. But industrial hemp products, some of which I already use frequently (like hemp seeds, cord, soap, and paper), give me no such qualms.

Working with our own bodies

Did you know that our bodies actually produce our own cannabidoils! This was fascinating to me; they are called Anandamide and 2-ag. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that runs throughout our entire bodies from our brains, to our guts, to our glands (hello, thyroid), and beyond. Cannabidoil is found naturally in human breast milk and it is responsible for what we call the “runners high”. Because we don’t ingest many CBDs in our diet, most of us are deficient in cannabidoil and our ECS is not functioning as it should. By adding CBD back into our regular diet, it allows our ECS to start working at optimal levels again. Our bodies start producing more receptors and making more of our own CBD (Anandamide and 2-ag). Absolutely amazing. This is the reason that CBD seems to be a cure all, not because it cures everything, but because it appears to allow our bodies to function better and bring equilibrium to our nervous system and immune system (and many other systems in our bodies). The theory is that CBD helps our bodies heal from the inside out.

My Experience So Far

Start Low and Slow

Just over 6 weeks ago, our first bottle of Hempworx CBD oil arrived in the mail. I had read up on how to start it properly and how to best get our ECS to work for us. The best way to start CBD oil is to start with a very low serving and increase very slowly as needed. With a high quality CBD oil like Hempworx, low servings (just 2 to 15 mg of CBD at a time) can actually be very effective. We are all different and our optimum serving size will all be different. Some need only 4 mg, some 10, some 25, some more – there is no magic number.

Starting low and slow, no matter what you are using CBD for, actually stimulates our own ECS to start producing more receptors and to start making our own natural CBD. The goal is to get our bodies back into a state of homeostasis without making it dependent on outside CBD in the long run. It is a supplement, and even technically a food, that allows our own bodies to do the work of healing.

Muscle aches gone

After a few days of 3 drops in the morning and at night, I noticed my first change. My body generally aches a bit as I’m falling asleep. Aching joints and muscles is common with the health issues I was dealing with due to inflammation, and although it had never been bad enough for me to need any type of medication, it was something I noticed at night. After only a few days, it was no longer noticeable. That was nice!

I have energy!

About three weeks after starting the oil, I suddenly felt good. Really good. I went on a 3 day camping trip and came back to do a day at the pumpkin farm with the kids. Any one day of that much activity would have completely wiped me out in the past, but after 4 days in a row, I was still feeling good. The only thing that had changed was that small serving of CBD oil.

I continued to feel great for a couple more weeks, but then started to feel tired again. Hmmm… I checked my heart rate. It was high and my legs were starting to feel weak. All signs of getting too much thyroid hormone, something I had experienced many times in my past. So the next day I cut my medication in half and within a few days I was feeling really good again. (I don’t recommend doing this without your doctor’s approval.)

Currently, I am on only a small dose of medication, and my guess is that I will only need it for a few more weeks. (Updated to add: I stopped all medication after 2 months of using the oil!) I am very curious to see what my next labs will show. I am also very curious to know what my antibodies are doing in the midst of this positive change. (Updated to add: lab numbers all show improvement, but still not perfect. Better than when on medication, however.) My holistic doctor wanted to start me on low dose naltrexone, a drug known to modulate the immune system and bring down antibodies, but I will certainly be delaying that for now.

Losing weight

The third major change I have noticed since about 3 weeks on CBD oil (3 weeks seemed to be a magic number for me – it takes time for our bodies to start working well again) is weight loss. I have been eating Trim Healthy Mama for years. It has kept me off sugar and kept my gut healthy despite the issues I have had with my health this last year. But since the birth of my last baby, weight loss has been very slow, generally only 1-2 lbs a month, if any. I tried AIP (autoimmune protocol diet) and only gained weight while on it. I switched to natural desiccated thyroid medication, which helps many people lose weight, but that did not help either. My weight has been essentially stagnant all summer, despite making some big changes that often help with weight loss. But with a diet that was already so healthy to begin with, I did not see the changes, or experience the benefits that many do on these protocols.

After 3 weeks on CBD, my weight suddenly dropped. In the last 3 weeks I have lost over 6 pounds. I am still eating Trim Healthy Mama and I have not started to incorporate exercise into my routine again. Things are the same, except for the addition of the oil. I don’t think the oil itself has directly caused weight loss, but it has allowed my body to start working well again. My body is experiencing less inflammation and is functioning well for the first time in a couple years.

Is this for life?

It is important to note that if incorporated slowly into your diet, the addition of CBD oil does not need to be a permanent change. I am taking it daily at this point, but only a small serving of 10 mg a day, split between morning and evening. As my endocannabinoid system continues to produce more receptors and produce more of it’s own natural CBD, I plan to gradually decrease my serving of CBD and eventually only use it occasionally, as needed.

Hempworx suggests low serving sizes and emphasizes that our bodies can start to heal and produce more CBD on our own; I am impressed that the company approaches CBD from a point of healing over selling more product. Most CBD companies seem to push large servings of CBD, but that approach does not encourage our own bodies to increase our production of CBD so that we are healthy, balanced, and do not need a constant large serving of CBD in the long run. The large serving approach sells more CBD, certainly, but does not promote long term healing which is what I am after.

Why Hempworx CBD Oil?

I researched many different companies before settling on buying from Hempworx. The truth is, there are several high quality oils out there, and Hempworx is one of the best. Ultimately, I settled on Hempworx because they were organic, US grown, transparent in their product testing (every batch is third party tested to ensure safety, quality, and potency), CO2 extracted, made in an FDA approved lab, and had the best prices for a high quality brand. They also came highly recommended by my friend who was seeing amazing results with her family.

In my research, I found that there is a lot of variation in quality of CBD oils. Even “cheap” varieties (full of fillers with a low quality CBD) that can be found in many health food stores and online can be quite pricey and most often do not have the same results you can get from a high quality product. I did not want to waste our money, so I purposefully chose to spend a little more money (and it really was just a little more – those “cheap” brands are not cheap) and go with a brand that I knew would get results. Plus, they have a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee, so if I wasn’t happy, I could get my money back!

Because I am so impressed with Hempworx oil, I have become an affiliate. If you’ve followed me for long, you know I do not take affiliations lightly. There are very few companies with whom I choose to work. If you would like to buy through my link, it doesn’t cost you any extra, but it does help our family. Buying from me also comes with access to my CBD education group on Facebook, personal answers to your CBD questions, and a guide to start using the oil. Click here to use my Hempworx affiliate link. A portion of all proceeds also goes to support The Butterfly Institute.

If you just want more information, or want to join my private CBD education group, message me on my Facebook page. For more information on Hempworx, check out this video.

It has only been six weeks since I started using CBD oil, but I can truly say that it has been life changing. I cannot wait to see what changes the next few months bring on my health journey.

Thanks for coming along on the journey with me,

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I Tried CBD Oil for Six Weeks – this is what happened… In my quest to find health again this year, one acronym kept on coming up, over and over. CBD. It was mentioned constantly in my Facebook